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Shopping carts are the most important investment in a retail store. You cannot build long-term relationships with your customers without good-quality shopping carts. One of the best is to get appropriate accessories for shopping carts and increase their efficiency. RedSheep, an experienced manufacturer, can suggest what your shop needs. We’ve been serving people around the world for the past 20 years. RedSheep not only serves you with a quality structure but innovative design, advanced mechanism, futuristic characteristics, and affordable rates.

Shopping Cart Handles And Baby Seats

Shopping Carts Parts Customized

Enjoy tailor-made designs and construction with RedSheep. The skilled crew is ready to enrich your experience. We’re here to offer personalized services. We promise you a great level of customization at a reasonable price. We got the labor and skills to bring your dream design to reality. Our services are intended to help you, your company, and the rest of the world. So look no further and select RedSheep to provide the greatest quality in town.

Following are the benefits of RedSheep’s customization:

  • ODM/OEM service for unique needs
  • Logo printing to claim the copyright of your personalized design
  • Color and material customization to make it work for you
  • Short delivery time for bulk customization
  • Local partners to discuss your needs.

24-month product warranty for guaranteed quality

Redsheep Shopping Carts Parts

RedSheep is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality shopping cart parts.

We do everything to construct durable items.

We never compromise on the quality of construction.

All our items are built to give you a wonderful shopping experience.

Thanks to the quality of material, our products can serve you for more than 10 years.

Our shopping cart parts offer more significant benefits with less investment in the long term.

Therefore get ready to experience the best manufacturing services in Eastern China.

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Top Shopping Carts Parts Reviewed

Below are racks you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

Shopping Carts Wheels

5 Inch Fixed American Shopping Cart Caster Wheels

These are specially designed for American shopping carts. It performs well under harsh conditions. Thye casters offer silent movement to maintain the environment of your store.

5 Inch Shopping Trolley Swivel Threaded Stem 4 Disk supermarket Elevator Caster Wheel

These are a combination of steel and recyclable plastic. The casters are great with heavy weights. These carefully bear the trolley’s weight while making the movement easy. Trolley swivel wheels are designed to perform well with escalators.

Shopping Cart Swivel Threaded Stem 5 Inch Plastic TPR Double Bearing Caster Wheels

These are one of the best wheels due to the quality of manufacturing. They over most silent performance to maintain the environment of your store. Their sleek wheels are a great combination of looks and performance.

Shopping Carts Locks

Small zinc alloy shopping cart coin lock VARILOC

Trolley theft is a big problem in most stores. Retailers won’t find a better solution than coin lock to manage their carts. These are constructed from zinc alloy to fulfill your requirements. These are a great addition to secure your investment.

Plastic shopping trolley coin lock EUROLOC for round tube handle

The plastic used in RedSheep’s coin lock is always high quality and recyclable. The quality of these coin locks at this price is no less than a lottery. You can order a minimum of 100 pieces of shopping trolley coin lock from RedSheep.

Double Coins Zinc Alloy Shopping Cart Lock For Malaysia Market

This is the highest quality of coin lock available at RedSheep. It is great for securing the trolley against theft. It is easy to use for both customers and retailers. You can customize the accessories as per your choice.

Shopping Cart Handle & Handle Cover

2022 New Plastic Shopping Cart Handle

RedSheep got replaceable shopping cart handles to secure your investment. These handles are constructed from high-quality material. You can get the logo printed on handles for advertisement purposes.

Americana Snap-on Shopping Cart Handle With Logo Customizable

American Snap-on Shopping Cart Handle Cover With Logo Customizable

These handles cover can be customized according to your needs. You can get a customized logo printed on these handles for advertisement purposes. The minimum order quantity of snap-on shopping carts is 100.

Cargo Trolley Handle

Cargo Trolley Handles

These handles are specially designed for cargo trolleys. You can get these at the time of ordering trolleys or independently if the handles get damaged or old. You don’t need professionals to install cargo handles.

Shopping Trolley Baby Seats

Children Safty Seat

The children’s safety seat at RedSheep is constructed keeping the international standards of manufacturing quality. We do our best to produce the highest quality children’s seat to avoid any hindrance later.

Unarco Shopping Cart Leg Hole Closures

Unarco Shopping Cart Leg Hole Closures

Leg hole closures are necessary to secure children’s seats. These are super easy to install and replace without professional help. We manufacture cart leg hole closures at affordable rates for your ease.

Shopping Cart Child Seat Flap Peggs Leg Hole Closure

Shopping Cart Child Seat Flap Peggs Leg Hole Closure

This is one of the many types of leg hole closure available at RedSheep. These come with printed signs to help customers understand the instructions. You can customize the logo as per your needs.

Shopping Trolley Advertising Display Board

Trolley Handle Advertising Display Boards

Trolley advertisement is a great way to grow your business. If you hadn’t ordered advertisement display boards at the time of trolley shopping, you could do it now. These are super easy to install.

Shopping Trolley Advertising Display Board

Shopping Trolley Advertising Display Board

This is a wide advertisement display board for shopping carts. You can order a minimum of 100 pieces from RedSheep of these advertisement display boards. You can get these customized according to your needs.

Shopping Cart Advertising Display Sign Holder

Shopping Cart Advertising Display Sign Holder

This shopping cart display sign holder is constructed from high-quality recyclable plastic. We manufacture this keeping in mind the international standards of quality.

Shopping Cart Bumper Guards

Shopping Cart Long Vertical Front Bumpers

Shopping cart front bumpers are great for securing your shopping trollies against bumps and damage. These prolong the life of shopping trollies through a little investment.

Shopping Cart Corner Bumpers

Shopping Cart Corner Bumpers

RedSheep has a wide range of shopping cart corner bumpers to secure your baskets. These bumpers protect baskets against damage. You can have various colors of bumpers to match your theme.

Shopping Cart Handle Protector Caps

Shopping Cart Handle Protector Caps

Handle protector caps are to be installed at the sides of the handle. These make the trollies safer for the customers and the people around. There are various colors available in protector caps to fit your needs.

Oval Tube Handle Set Solution

Oval Tube Handle

The Oval tube handle has two versions, the curved one and the straight one, it makes your store more unique, and it’s not easy to turn even after years’ service. The transparent slot is easier for you to change your advertising frequently.

Plastic shopping cart coin lock for oval handle

Plastic shopping cart coin lock for oval handle

This oval handle shopping cart coin lock is the perfect match for the oval tube handle, with this one, your unique shopping cart won’t go anywhere but the right place you want it to stay.  It could be customized for free to suit any of your local coins.

Plastic Handle Cap for Oval Tube

Plastic Handle Cap for Oval Tube

The plastic handle cap for the oval tube is a necessary to fit the oval tube, it makes sure the oval tube will not lose, even after 10 years of service. It always goes by pair.

The Final Outlook of The Oval Tube Handle Set Solution

The Final Outlook of The Oval Tube Handle Set Solution

Other Shopping Cart Accessories

Shopping Cart Baby Seat Belts

Baby seat belts are a must-have for customers coming with babies. They help the shoppers focus on products by keeping their baby safe and secure when inside a trolley.

Anti-theft Kids Shopping Cart Accessories

Anti-theft Kids Shopping Cart Accessories

For the little ones visiting your stores get these anti-theft kids accessories. These will help you to see where are your trollies. These are easy to install and replace without professional help.

Shopping Cart Bag Holder Hook

Shopping Cart Bag Holder Hook

Bag holders are an added accessory that offers ease to the customers when shopping. These are constructed from recyclable plastic. You can get a cart bag holder hooks at affordable rates.

Shopping Carts Parts The Ultimate Savior - FAQ Guide

Shopping carts are an integral part of retail stores. A good store with bad trolleys is equally bad in customers’ eyes. Therefore do your best to offer quality shopping carts to your shoppers.

Apart from getting high-quality shopping trolleys use can purchase shopping cart parts to increase the efficiency of your store.

Here are the details of shopping cart parts available at RedSheep. Keep reading to purchase what suits you most.


What Shopping Cart Parts Are Available In The Market?

To increase the efficiency of shopping carts, various shopping cart parts are available in the market. Some of these are as follows:

Trolley Wheels: Shopping carts are nothing without efficient, smooth, and robust wheels. Wheels are to be installed at the trolley’s base to make it mobile.

If the casters installed in the trolley are old or not working properly, customers might face issues while shopping.

Therefore different designs, sizes, and types of caster wheels can be installed separately.

Handle cover: Grocery carts handle covers are yet another important part of shopping carts. These handles are like the staring in the cart. They let the customers give directions to the cart to move around.

At times these handles get damaged due to various reasons. Instead of disposing of the carts, RedSheep allows you to purchase independent handle covers to integrate into your trolleys.

Anti-Theft Chain Lock: This is an ideal accessory for retailers tired of investing in shopping carts. There’s no surprise that retailers put a lot of investment in the manufacturing and maintenance of shopping carts annually.

Making this investment worth it and securing chain locks is a great help. There are various qualities of chain locks available with different features. It is up to you to decide what feature will suit your needs.

Baby Seat: It is better to offer carts with a baby seat to benefit customers. It allows customers to rest their hands while the trolley takes care of the baby. If your current trolleys don’t have these seats, there’s nothing to worry about.

You can separately order baby seats and install them with your current carts for added benefit.

Advertisement Board: Advertisement panels are a great way to improve your sales. They allow you to make extra money by advertising different brands. These can be installed without professional help.

There are a variety of advertisement panels available at RedSheep. You can also customize these boards according to your needs.

Shopping Carts Parts Available in The Market
Shopping Carts Parts Available in The Market

What Is The Durability Of Shopping Cart Parts Manufactured At RedSheep?

Every item constructed at RedSheep is for the benefit of our customers. We make to deliver the best quality so the products can serve you long.

Thanks to the quality of raw materials and manufacturing process, you can expect our products to last for at least 10 years.


Why is RedSheep the Best Choice For Shopping Cart Parts?

RedSheep is an experienced shopping cart parts manufacturer. We’re an ISO-approved manufacturing company that takes care of everything when manufacturing the items.

We never compromise on the quality and safety of the products. Every bit of our service is designed to maximize your benefits. At RedSheep, you’ll get the best products, affordable rates, customization, and after-sales service.

Additionally, we got local partners to maximize your satisfaction.


Do You Offer Customized Logo Printing On Shopping cart parts?

The simplest answer to this question is yes!

We customize every bit of our shopping carts’ parts. You can also choose the printing process to suit your needs.sion.

RAL colors and logo printing customizable
RAL colors and logo printing customizable
Customize Your Logo at The Handle
Customize Your Logo at The Handle

How To Order Shopping Cart Wheels From RedSheep?

Follow this six-step simple process to order shopping cart wheels from RedSheep.

  1. Reach out to us through our website and discuss your needs.
  2. Get an estimated quotation of the product according to your needs and requirements.
  3. Once the terms are discussed, get prototyping within 7 working days.
  4. Give approval to the sample
  5. Once you’re satisfied with the sample, release a deposit.
  6. Get updates about the production process when needed.
  7. Once the production is complete, choose shipment type and receive all the updates.
  8. Once you receive the order, release the remaining amount and enjoy never-ending satisfaction.


How Long Does RedSheep Take To Deliver Shopping Cart Parts?

The production and delivery depend on various factors, including material, customization, quantity, area of delivery, etc.

Hence its recommended to reach out to our team and discuss your terms to get the exact delivery details.

For an estimate, you can expect the delivery within 30 days after placing the order.

Wait no more, and place your order of shopping cart parts now.


Final Verdict

RedSheep is ISO certified company. This means we meet all the international standards of shopping cart parts manufacturing. Yet we still offer a 24-month product warranty on all shopping cart parts to our customers.

Visit our website to place your order directly. Or guide us to your location to get hooked with one of our local partners working in your area.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out through the comment session.

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