Longspan Shelving

High-quality longspan shelving is the solution to meet all your warehouse storage needs. The innovative technology, advanced labor, and smart manufacturing save your time and money while providing the necessary push to your business. From ODM/OEM to delivery in more than 40 countries, we got all the services one can desire from an ultimate China longspan shelving manufacturer.


Longspan Shelving Customized

You won’t find a better place to put forward your unique demands. Customized longspan racking can accommodate goods the way you want them.

  • Customized size, height, weight, and shelving to fit your needs.
  • Customized design, color, and style to match your theme
  • Logo printing with pressing tooling
  • OEM/ODM service to make your dream a reality.

We usually take up to 30 days to deliver custom-made widespan shelving. Contact us and enjoy customized China longspan racking in more than 40 countries.

RedSheep Longspan Shelving

With more than 23 years of experience in the shop fittings industry, we got command over providing solutions to warehouse storage needs. Every product will benefit you, your brand, and the environment through its high-quality manufacturing and durable design. Thanks to an efficiency rate of 99.96%, warehouse product management is not a hassle anymore.

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Top Longspan Shelving Reviews

Let us review some of the top China widespan shelving that we provide to our customers.

3 layers longspan shelving 2100x450

3 layers longspan shelving 2100x450

2000mm high x 2100mm wide x 450mm deep starter bays with 3 steel shelf panel levels, additional bays could be added.

3 layers longspan shelving 2100x600

3 layers longspan shelving 2100x600

2000mm high x 2100mm wide x 600mm deep starter bays with 3 steel shelf panel levels, additional bays could be added.

3 layers longspan shelving 2100x900

3 layers longspan shelving 2100x900

2000mm high x 2100mm wide x 900mm deep starter bays with 3 steel shelf panel levels, additional bays could be added.

3 layers longspan shelving 2400x450

3 layers long span shelving 2400x450

2000mm high x 2400mm wide x 450mm deep starter bays with 3 steel shelf panel levels, additional bays could be added.

3 layers longspan shelving 2400x600

3 layers long span shelving 2400x600

2000mm high x 2400mm wide x 600mm deep starter bays with 3 steel shelf panel levels, additional bays could be added.

3 layers longspan shelving 2400x900

3 layers long span shelving 2400x900

2000mm high x 2400mm wide x 900mm deep starter bays with 3 steel shelf panel levels, additional bays could be added.

4 layers longspan shelving 2100x600

4 layers widespan shelving 2100x600

2000mm high x 2100mm wide x 600mm deep starter bays with 4 steel shelf panel levels, additional bays could be added.

4 layers longspan shelving 2400x600

4 layers widespan shelving 2400x600

2000mm high x 2400mm wide x 600mm deep starter bays with 4 steel shelf panel levels, additional bays could be added.

single layer(beam&shelf panel)

Single layer(beam&shelf panel)

Additional steel shelf panel level could be added, size: 2100*450, 2100*600, 2100*900, 2400*450, 2400*600, 2400

3 layers longspan shelving chipboard shelves 2100x450

3 layers widespan shelving chipboard shelves 2100x450

2000mm high x 2100mm wide x 450mm deep starter bays with 3 chipboard shelves panel levels, additional bays could be added.

3 layers longspan shelving chipboard shelves 2100x600

3 layers widespan shelving chipboard shelves 2100x600

2000mm high x 2100mm wide x 600mm deep starter bays with 3 chipboard shelves panel levels, additional bays could be added.

3 layers longspan shelving chipboard shelves 2100x900

3 layers wide span shelving chipboard shelves 2100x900

2000mm high x 2100mm wide x 900mm deep starter bays with 3 chipboard shelves panel levels, additional bays could be added.

3 layers longspan shelving chipboard shelves 2400x900

3 layers wide span shelving chipboard shelves 2400x900

2000mm high x 2400mm wide x 900mm deep starter bays with 3 chipboard shelves panel levels, additional bays could be added.

4 layers longspan shelving chipboard shelves 2100x600

4 layers wide span shelving chipboard shelves 2100x600

2000mm high x 2100mm wide x 600mm deep starter bays with 4 chipboard shelves panel levels, additional bays could be added.

4 layers longspan shelving chipboard shelves 2400x600

4 layers wide span shelving chipboard shelves 2400x600

2000mm high x 2400mm wide x 600mm deep starter bays with 4 chipboard shelves panel levels, additional bays could be added.

Longspan Shelving The Storage Beast: The Complete FAQ Guide

For more information about products, the company, or shipping, you can also check out our other FAQs!

RedSheep proudly announce itself as a leading shop fittings manufacturer from Eastern China.

Due to efficient customer service, we have evolved as a leading brand in the eyes of our customers. We strive to provide extra to maintain your trust in our product line.

We understand it can be challenging to decide what is your right fit. Worry not; we are here to guide you through every step so you make the right choice.

To start with, let’s first understand what Longspan/garage shelving is.


What Is Longspan Shelving and How It Benefits Your Business?

Keeping your stock safe and secure is no less than a battle. It’s hideous to accommodate a huge product line using minimum space. Non Sorted goods can increase your expense on labor to sort it with every delivery.

Moreover, it can damage or result in the loss of other products. If you’re one of such people struggling to skyrocket your business because of a bad warehouse system, we got you covered!

Longspan shelving, also known as wide-span shelving, is a reliable and durable solution to store items in your warehouse or garage. It helps manage the product line efficiently with a minimum workforce.

Longspan shelving is very popular in Australia, New Zealand, and European, the most famous model is Dexion Longspan shelving, Dexion is a famous global warehouse racking brand, and split into Australia branch and European branch years ago.

And the good news is…

The shelves include three to five layers with different capacities to hold weight. With expandable heavy duty longspan shelving from China, you can easily arrange bulky, heavy, and long goods in your warehouse.

Hence you don’t need to spend most of your capital hiring a workforce or buying huge space. With our thoughtful manufacturing, you can fit your goods in available capacity.

When we say affordable, we mean it. Once you purchase our longspan shelves, you can assemble them on your own without special tools. That, too, will save the cost of hiring experts.

These shelves are generally constructed from steel to provide services without a chance to fall. The durability gives you a relaxing time to focus on customers rather than arranging and rearranging the products only.

Our easy-to-install, assemble and move long span shelving system will make sure to skyrocket your business.

It is an important element of warehouse and high-volume storage shelving.

Being a true friend demands minimum maintenance and pampering while working to its fullest. If you wish to extend the space, you may attach several add-ons to it.

Attach an add on to extend the space
Attach an add on to extend the space

Not only that…

But we construct our garage shelving system with an efficiency rate of 99.96%. The outstanding quality will give you the confidence needed to give a tough time to your competitors.

Now that you have extensive knowledge of the uses and benefits of widespan shelving, why don’t we have a look at the variety offered for long span shelving at RedSheep?

Is Your Longspan Shelving Compatible With Dexion Longspan Shelving?

Yes, RedSheep model is 100% compatible with Dexion longspan shelving.

You will find it with exactly the same quality and specifications but at a much cheaper price.

Big retailers like SSS, BSS, and XS are all our customers now, our product has been well accepted by the Australian market.

100% Compatible With Dexion Longspan Shelving
100% Compatible With Dexion Longspan Shelving

What Is Widespan Shelving Used For?

longspan shelving is an excellent solution for easy loading and unloading of goods for display and purchase. In other words, you can store your items with complete safety.

It is specifically designed for items that cannot be stored at any other shelving system or goods of irregular shape.

We design each shelf to meet your needs. For instance, machinery, batteries, vehicle tires, office supplies, pipes, etc., are a few of the many goods you can store on longspan racking.

What Are The Advantages Of Longspan Shelves?

  • Rigidity with Lightweight

We construct Long span shelving with tough steel to hold heavy-duty items without any dent. But the system itself is kept lightweight for convenient relocation.

A typical 2400mm longspan can undertake 500kg weight on each layer.

  • Flexible with Adjustability Options

Widespan shelving is a few of the many shelving systems that allow you to adjust the size according to your needs. You can even attach add-ons if necessary.

The structure is constructed using rivets and pins instead of bolts and nuts to adjust when needed.

  • Versatility with Adaptability

Longspan shelving system is not only flexible but versatile and adaptable also. It can hold merchandise of almost all sizes, from small pipes to heavy packages.

  • Easy To Maintain With Less Pampering

The widespan shelving is designed to provide your warehouse with maximum benefits in minimum maintenance. Available in materials like wood, melamine, steel, and mesh, you don’t have to worry about its durability.

Especially when made in steel, it is much easier to sanitize and clean to ensure staff’s health and safety.

  • Customized Shelving With Components for Easy Movement
  • Longspan racking can be attached with the existing equipment that moves the merchandise to various tires. For instance, you can integrate chutes with longspan or freight lifts or vertical reciprocating conveyors.
  • Easy On Pocket

China longs pan shelving due to low-cost manufacturing and the raw material is super affordable compared to other shelving techniques.

Like gondola shelving for retail stores, it is durable, flexible, rigid, and works as a multi-tasker. It allows easy access and accommodation of goods that help reduce labor costs.

RedSheep longspan shelving is easy to install
RedSheep longspan shelving is easy to install

What’s The Difference Between Longspan Shelving And Widespan Shelving?

Generally speaking, longspan shelving, widespan shelving, longspan racking, widespan racking, they are the same thing in different names. 

In Australia market, it always been called longspan shelving, the most famous one is Dexion longspan shelving. 

While it is in America, it normally been called widespan shelving, for example, Lozier widespan shelving.

What Is The Different Between Pallet Racking And Longspan Shelving?

We understand shelving systems can be confusing due to the wide range of options available in the market. To help you understand the two most popular warehouse systems following are the insights on each:

Few people believe both systems are similar with few to no differences, which is a misconception. Both the systems are completely different in terms of performance and use.

A pallet racking system is designed to be used in industrial storage. The system is made from high-quality, tough material to bear extremely heavy items that require machinery to load and unload the items.

On the other hand, the longspan racking system is designed for commercial use and storage of light to medium weight products. The basic idea is to accommodate goods of irregular shape and size. It is designed for manual use and does not support lifting through fork lifters or other heavy machinery.

Pallet racking is designed for extensive storage and is not a cost-effective option for lighter goods. At the same time, China widespan shelving is affordable and manufactured with a less technical structure to store low-volume goods

China longspan shelving 35 archive boxes
China longspan shelving 35 archive boxes

Does Longspan Shelf Have Any Drawbacks?

Like any other shelving system, long span shelving does not come with pros only. It does hold some drawbacks, which are as follows.

  • Not for Heavy Loads

Wide span shelving is a great option to store light to medium weight items only. You have to be careful with the weight capacity to avoid damaging your investment.

  • Does Not Allow Forklift Handling

When storing items on Longspan shelves, forklift handling is not possible.

What Are The Expected Problems With  Longspan Shelves?

Generally, widespan shelving is a durable and rigid shelving system. If you go for a new system manufactured with high-end material, you’re less likely to face any issue.


If you’re buying a second-hand system, you may expect some problems like less durability due to lack of maintenance, overweight, and other damage.

It might lead you to problems like swaying structures, bad beams, or uneven shelves.

On the other hand, if you’re purchasing a new one, you might not come across these issues for several initial years.

What Are The Basic Elements of Longspan Shelving?

Irrespective of the type of longspan racking following three elements are constant with each:

1# Uprights

The vertical uprights, also known as uprights, are two sturdy metal frames at the end of each shelving unit.

They come in a variety of heights and are linked to the shelving bays.

In addition, they serve as a point of connection for each extension.

2# Horizontal Beams

Each upright is joined by horizontal beams, which also define the length of the bay.

They also allow you to extend or alter shelf units by attaching them to the uprights.

3# Internal Shelves

Internal shelves are positioned between two uprights and two beams to create a layered effect.

Additionally, you will be able to keep your storage materials.

Longspan racking upright frame
Longspan racking upright frame

Is Wide Span Shelving Available In A Single Size Only?

Long span shelving is designed to provide storage solutions to big, medium, and small-scale businesses. Most businesses prefer to customize the size of longspan garage shelving to meet their needs.

Therefore the shelving is available in different sizes at RedSheep. Typically following are the sizes offered to our customers.

Beam Size: The length of the beam originally offered at RedSheep is between 1000 mm to 2400 mm.

Frames: A general shelving frame is 2000 mm height x 400 mm width to 3000 mm height x 900 mm width.

Shelves: Shelves usually come in 1000 mm length x 450 mm width to 24000 mm length to 900 mm width, along with an 18 mm sturdy particle sheet.

Remember, you can always contact our team to demand customized wide span shelving with measurements of your choice.

The shelving is provided with promised quality to deliver satisfying results.

How Much Weight Can Longspan Shelves Hold At Once?

Longspan shelves can accommodate goods of various sizes, especially the ones with irregular shapes.

Considering various factors like size, shape, and shelving material, the weight capacity can differ.

In general, a 2100 mm longspan shelve can bear weight up to 575kg, whereas a 2400 mm longspan shelf can bear up to 500 kg per layer.

To make sure every shelf can bear the promised weight, we conduct load-bearing tests on longspan shelves at various stages.

There are hundreds of longspan shelf suppliers in Eastern China, but not everybody can provide the high-quality shelving we manage to deliver.

Can You Use Heavy-Duty Machinery on Longspan Shelving?

Longspan shelf is designed for manual handling.


If you use heavy-duty machinery like electric forklift to put commodities on the shelving system, it will overload the beams. It may result in damaging the structure and durability of the system.

So it’s best to avoid forklift or similar heavy machinery to load or unload the goods from widespan shelving.

What Is The Estimated Cost of Longspan Shelving?

From manufacturing to pricing, we plan everything to provide you with ease. Thanks to advanced mechanisms, experienced labor, and vast experience in the industry, we can dodge unwanted expenses during the process.

Depending on various factors like size, design, material, customization, and weight-bearing capacity, a typical China longspan shelving will cost you between $70 to $100.

Note: A wide span shelving consists of four to five layers which are counted as a single system.

For your ease and benefits, we provide extra discounts and payment flexibility on bulk orders. Reach out to our team and discuss the desired amount of shelving to understand payment terms better.

Is It Okay to Buy Used Longspan Shelving?

The decision to buy a used or unused longspan system depends on your requirement.

If you’re currently not in a position to invest in a brand new wide span system, you may go for a used one. But make sure you check the quality and overall situation of the structure to avoid regretting later.

Moreover, even if the quality is A, one doesn’t expect it to work as a new system. Following are the components you must compromise when purchasing a second-hand longspan system.

  1. A used system must have served the previous customer; therefore, it has a shorter life span.
  2. You might find it demanding in terms of maintenance because there’s no guarantee if the previous owner was thoughtful towards the maintenance or not.
  3. You need to be extra careful with weight because you never know how damaged it is from the inside. It may collapse anytime against mishandling or overloading of goods.

If you’re ready to deal with the previously mentioned consequences, go for it. And if not, then better invest a little extra and purchase a new system.

It will be more reliable, durable, tough, and ready to serve your needs.

How to Use Longspan Shelving Right?

How to Install Longspan Shelving?

Widespan shelving is super easy to assemble without professional tools. Follow these simple steps and enjoy our user-friendly shelving system.

To begin with…

  1. Place the pair of frames and hold them in the correct position with a pair of beams.
  2. Now attach the remaining beams one at a time into designated places. Don’t forget to connect safety pins for the stronghold.
  3. Once done with that, place the mesh, timber, steel shelves on each beam and make layers.

Hooyah, you’re done!

Build In Process
Build In Process

How Long Will It Take To Install Single Longspan Shelving?

The installation being easy is and less time taking. You won’t be needing a whole day with a full workforce to install the system.

Mere two people can do the job. If they have experience installing shelving systems, specifically longspan racking, then it’s a few minutes.

Typically shelving eats up to 10 to 15 minutes for assembling.


Do You Need Government’s Permission for Installing China Longspan Shelving?

The simplest answer to this question is no.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to install wide span shelving because it does not include structural changes.

If your warehouse is rented, it’s wise to update the owner about the latest shelving system you’re planning to install.


What are the Important Things to Consider When Installing the Longspan Shelving?

For you, your staff’s and warehouse’s safety following are the things to consider before making the final move.

  1. Consider understanding the accurate available space in your warehouse, including height and width, to order accordingly.
  2. Make sure the surface you’re planning to install the shelving is even. If the surface is unbalanced, you may find it difficult to store the goods in the correct order.
  3. If you don’t understand the installation process, please consider professionals to do the job. Though the installation is simple, you might damage the shelving by not installing properly.
  4. Do the proper installation and check if every part of the frames and beams is fixed properly. If the wide span shelving is not fixed incorrect order, it may cause damage to your products when placed above.

What are the Essential Things to Consider When Done Installing Longspan Shleving?

Once you are done installing RedSheeps longspan garage shelving following things are to be considered:

  1. Longspan shelf is designed to provide a helping hand for manual loading and unloading of goods. Make sure you don’t use any fork lifters or machinery to do the job.
  2. Place a few items at first to make sure the system is installed correctly. It will protect both the structure and your goods from damage.
  3. If you observe movement in wide span shelving after placing goods, relocate it for your staff’s safety.
  4. Do not overweight or store non-recommended items for better durability of longspan racking.
  5. Don’t overlook the importance of regular maintenance and health checkup of longspan shelving. We recommend you go through a maintenance check twice every month. In this way, you can enjoy worry-free service with better durability.
  6. Don’t put longspan shelves near heat or flame.
  7. If you observe any damage or dent in the beam, shelf, or upright immediately fix it.


What If I Accidentally Overall The Longspan Shelving System?

As mentioned earlier, the shelving system is designed to accommodate light to medium weight goods.

We being responsible and concerned with long span shelving manufacturers, will provide complete details and guide of weight-bearing capacity with each wide span shelving.

Moreover, if you overweight the system, it might damage the beam, upright and inner shelves. It may result in unbalanced or dented shelving.

How to Check If Longspan Shelving Is Damaged?

Mostly we get rare complaints regarding damage to China long span shelving from our customers because of the good packaging we offer. But it’s better always to make sure if the items are in perfect condition or not.

When receiving wide span shelving, especially from abroad, check upright, beam, and shelves because these parts are most likely to get hurt.

Ensure to check every item thoroughly before, during, and after assembling the shelving system. If you find any crack, dent, peel, or even scratch, reach out to us as soon as possible to report your problem.

Our customer service team will ensure to place the item in no time.

Beams are most likely to get hurt
Beams are most likely to get hurt

How to Clean Longspan Shelving?

Longspan shelf is a low-maintenance shelving system. It is easy to clean with a little caution.

Suppose your Longspan racking has timber shelves clear it using a hand vacuum to remove dirt. Don’t use water on the surface because it might damage the shelves.

If the system consists of steel selves, clean it with surface cleaners through a microfiber cleaning cloth.

And if the shelves are made of mesh, clean them with soft fabric soaked in cleaner or sanitizer.

Make sure not to use water directly on beams and upright for cleaning as it might cause rust.

Generally, it gets rusted to moisture and humidity; hence make sure to keep your Long span shelving clean and dry.

Can Longspan Shelving Be Used in a Big Warehouse?

Yes, longspan shelving is not only for small storage use, a lot of big warehouses with light-duty items also use longspan shelving to utilize their storage spaces.

The most famous solution is the Dexion longspan shelving system. 

It’s a very mature shelving system to meet all kinds of requirements.

Dexion Longspan Shelving in A Big Warehouse

Why Choose RedSheep Longspan Shelving?


What Types of Long Span Shelving Does RedSheep Offer?

We believe every warehouse and customer has unique needs. Therefore to fulfill your needs to the maximum, we have a range of shelving systems at RedSheep.

Typically we offer the following four types of Dexion long span shelving to all our customers.

1# Longspan Shelving With Timber Shelving

This is our most in-demand shelving system around the world. Due to its versatility and flexibility, it holds the power to satisfy a range of storage needs.

We recommend this shelving for archive storage, manufacturing plants, schools, automotive workshops, retail stores, etc.

The system is not only durable and reliable for lightweight warehouse storage but economical in price. It is a solution that offers you the most benefits with minimum investment.

2# Long span Shelving with Steel Shelves

If your warehouse seems to be the busiest place, you may look for long span shelving with steel shelves.

The system is stronger than timber shelving and capable of holding bulky items. Thanks to the steel material used in the construction, you don’t have to worry about unwanted accidents.

The storage system is ideal if you own a warehouse with lots of products to adjust.

3# Long span Shelving with Mesh Shelves

We understand how difficult it is to find a correct shelving system for a warehouse with multiple products. To provide you with the best solution, we have wide span shelving with mesh shelves.

The system is rigid enough to store small items while being easy on the pocket.

This shelving system offers various advantages, such as fewer chances of accidents and catching fire if things go wrong.

Additionally, the shelves are lighter in contrast to the previous two options and dust resistant. It means less cleaning a more work.

You can pair these with other shelving systems if you own a big warehouse with various products or use them to increase the visuality of your products.

4# Heavy Duty Long span Shelving System

Lastly, we have a heavy-duty Long span shelving system for busy warehouses. Most companies and businesses prefer this system to adjust extensive inventory.

Ideally, the shelving system can be customized in size, shelves, height, and weight.

The raw material used in the construction is no less than the best. We do not only promise but make sure every item sets a benchmark for quality.

Every heavy-duty longspan shelf is bound to go through various tests and trials before reaching your doorstep to ensure quality.

Now your ultra heavy inventory is safe against damage and loss with this storage system. It will also reduce the cost of labor you use to spend to look after.

Heavy loaded longspan shelving
Heavy loaded longspan shelving

How Long Can I Use RedSheep’s Longspan Racking?

RedSheep designs every product with future characteristics to serve you for the longest. Due to the high-end raw material and quality manufacturing, we assure you long term relation with our wide span shelving.

Designed for a multi-layered storage solution, a typical longspan shelf can be used for around 5-10 years.

Wait, there’s more to come…

With proper maintenance and regular health checkups, you can prolong the life of our shelving. Other than that, when you’re done using our long-span shelving system, you can also resell it against money.

This is what we call real investment with a high ROI rate.

Is RedSheep’s Longspan Shelving Safe?

We wear your goodwill as our pride. Once you chose us as your China long span shelving manufacturers, your warehouse’s safety becomes our priority.

We use only high-quality material to produce greater quality finished products. To ensure quality, we have a dedicated team of experts analyzing the process at each step.

RedSheep is ISO-2768 certified, which means we meet the international standards of wide span shelving production.

All the goods are constructed to meet the German Equipment and Product Safety Act for a safe and secure shelving system.

We also provide unique packaging options to ensure safe delivery.

Do You Customize The Colors Of Longspan Shleving?

As mentioned earlier, every product is designed to provide satisfying results. However, warehouses don’t need extra effort on visuality; they still maters to maintain the overall look and environment.

We don’t want your warehouse to look more like a candy palace than a professional place of work.

Hence we provide a wide range of color options for longspan shelves to maintain the existing theme.

Now leave the impact of your business in the first impression through esthetic look and color coordination.


Do You Have Galvanized Shelf Panels For Longspan Shelving?


Some customers need pre-galvanized shelf panels, and some need zinc plated after shelf panel forming,  for applications like cold storage or outdoors.

Not only that, the galvanized panels are more beautiful and durable. 

In RedSheep, it’s no problem to offer galvanized longspan shelf panels.

Longspan Galvanised Panels
Longspan Galvanised Panels

Can You Deliver Longspan Shelving Directly into My Country from China?

We provide our shop fittings services in more than 40 countries so that you don’t have to travel to Eastern China every time you plan to make changes in your shelving system.

If you wish to place your order online without visiting us, you may visit our website and get connected. We’ll deliver your order to your doorstep through seas or logistics of your own choice.

Generally, there’s no issue importing wide span shelving, but check your country’s rules and regulations before placing your order. Some countries have special terms for certain items or delivering items from certain countries.

How Long Would I have To Wait For China Longspan Shleving Delivery?

Long span shelving does not include technical construction; therefore, it does not require more than 30 days to get ready to serve.

However, it might take a little longer if you opt for a direct delivery option at RedSheep.

How Does 40HC container loading of Longspan Shelving Be Valuable For Your Business?

Wide span shelving is the ultimate solution to storage problems. It provides great value by reducing labor costs and maximizing product management.

It reduces the time and effort of each individual to load and unload goods at the warehouse for sale. The easy access to stock with better visuality helps customers to spot the items without any hassle.

This eventually helps skyrocket your profits.

40HC container loading of China longspan shelving
40HC container loading of China longspan shelving


This brings us to the ultimate FAQ of longspan shelving. With a two-year product warranty, there’s nothing to worry about when purchasing from RedSheep.

I hope I’ve answered every question troubling you to make the final decision.

Place your order by clicking on “Ask a quote now” our team will guide you through every step still the final purchase.  


Copyright of the pictures belong to the owner, not allow to copy or use without permission, the owner have the rights to pursue legal action, if you find infringement, please email us we will handle or remove immediately.

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