Various Gondola Shelving Accessories In Cheap Prices

RedSheep was established over two decades ago to offer shop fitting products to retails, supermarkets, grocery stores, and other outlets. Since we started, we have provided the best accessories and continuous innovation to meet every client’s need. You can always reach our team to find more about the types of gondola shelving accessories we offer.

Tegometall Retail Wall shelving Accessories

Gondola Shelving Accessories Customized

We are a reputable brand that provides regular gondola accessories for all your shelving needs. One feature that sets us apart from rivals is the wide range of products we carry and the ODM/OEM service we offer clients.

We have specialized in making the best accessories, and:

  • We follow all the TUV and ISO regulations when developing your products
  • We have a control system that guaranteed quality units
  • We price our products competitively
  • We have a short lead time of 14 days

We give you a 2-year warranty for every part

Redsheep Gondola Shelving Accessories

Many supermarket owners seek new ways to boost their merchandise visibility and increase their sales. One trick that is making this possible is the use of gondola shelving accessories.

There are different types of accessories that you can find from our stores, such as essential, unique, and security units.

The essential accessory is that model that helps you to customize your gondola shelving to display your items attractively. Sometimes you need just a few of these units to boost your sales.

The unique display accessory comes in handy when displaying your hot offering. You might want to consider these systems when promoting new products.

So, if you want to redesign your supermarket with versatile gondola shelving accessories, RedSheep can help you out. We begin by reviewing the top gondola shelf accessories you can find in our store.

We will later look at the FAQ about these accessories for gondola shelving.

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1. American Lozier Gondola Shelving Accessories

Lozier gondola shelving is the No.1 shelving system in American market. Here are the reviews of Lozier gondola shelving accessories we provide to supermarkets and retail stores

Gondola Shelving Marteck Back

Lozier Gondola Shelving Marteck Back

Marteck back is a flat backing of MDF board. It is the basic part of the Lozier gondola shelving system.

Gondola Shelving Pegboard Back

Lozier Gondola Shelving Pegboard Back

Pegboard back is a very useful backing for attaching pegboard hooks and accessories for different needs.

Gondola Shelving Slotwall Slatwall Back

Lozier Gondola Shelving Slotwall Back

This is a Slotwall gondola shelving back is also a popular system for Slotwall hooks displaying.

4 x 8 Sheet of Slotwall Backing

Lozier 4 x 8 Sheet of Slotwall Backing

This is a wider version of Slotwall backing, for the Slotwall  brackets and shelves, or slatwall acrylic shelves.

Hardboard Back And Rail Set Single Sided

Lozier Hardboard Back And Rail Set Single Sided

The hardboard back and rail set is a popular set for single sided gondola shelving.

Hardboard Back And Rail Set Double-sided

Lozier Hardboard Back And Rail Set Double-sided

The hardboard back and rail set is the most popular set for double-sided gondola shelving.

Gondola Shelving Wire Back Retainer Extension Wire Grid

Lozier Gondola Shelving Wire Back Retainer Extension Wire Grid

The wire back retainer extension wire grid is for grid hooks or other hanging parts.

Gondola Shelving Wire Back Retainer Extension Slot Grid

Lozier Gondola Shelving Wire Back Retainer Extension Slot Grid

This is another option of wire back retainer extension, which has double vertical wires.

Gondola Shelving Wire Back Retainer Extension Multi Grid

Lozier Gondola Shelving Wire Back Retainer Extension Multi Grid

This is another option of wire back retainer extension, which has three vertical wires.

Gondola Shelving Wire Back Retainer Extension Louver Grid

Lozier Gondola Shelving Wire Back Retainer Extension Louver Grid

This is another option of wire back retainer extension, which has full vertical wires.

Gondola Shelving Wire Back Retainer Extension Assembly

Lozier Gondola Shelving Wire Back Retainer Extension Assembly

This is the wire back retainer extension set, you can buy them as a whole part.

Base Set Assembled

Lozier Base Set Assembled

The base set has the most heavy-duty loading capacity for the heaviest commodities. It’s a must-have part of gondola shelving.

Retail Shelving SD Deck

Lozier Retail Shelving SD Deck

The SD deck is for the base set, and you can choose to buy the whole base set or just buy the bottom deck only.

Retail Shelving TL Shelf

Lozier Retail Shelving TL Shelf

The shelf panel holds most of your goods, also it’s the most easy damaged parts, here’s the shelf panel for your replacement.

Base Brackets 06 Base

Lozier Base Brackets 06 Base

The Feet are a part that makes sure your gondolas stand steady, the Lozier’s feet are adjustable to meet your floor level.

Closed Base Front

Lozier Closed Base Front

The closed base front covers the space beneath the bottom deck, to isolate the dirt getting into the shelving, which makes your clean work easier.

Base End Trim

Lozier Base End Trim

The base end trim can be installed on the beginning and the end side at the base of the whole row, and make the base invisible from the outside.

Gondola Shelving Uprite

Lozier Gondola Shelving Uprite

The uprite is the most important part of the Lozier gondola shelving system, the robust structure can bear all the weight of the whole gondola system.

2. European Tegometall Gondola Shelving Accessories

Here are the reviews of European Tegometall shop shelving accessories we provide to supermarkets and chain stores

Rear Support Bar

Rear Support Bar

Our Rear Support Bars or RSBs provide you with an effective way to display your merchandise that is not ideal for shelf display. The systems allow you to add notch bars, gift wrap, and bar hooks to your gondola shelving.

You can display products with more weight thanks to the RSB.

Price holder for rear Support Bar

Price Holder For Rear Support Bar

The Price Holder for the Rear Support bar lets supermarket owners add a single row of price tag above the rear support bar. It allows you to match the depth of the holder to that one of the support bars.

You can use this accessory to display the price to the shoppers.

Tie Bar

Tie Bar

Tie Bars enable shop owners to stabilize and brace the shelving without using any back paneling. You can use them for single-sided and other gondola displays to achieve that stability you require.

They complement most gondola accessories.

Wire Riser

Gondola Shelf Wire Front Fence

You can place the gondola shelf fencing onto your shelving to prevent merchandise from falling or slipping off. The systems are uniquely designed to enable easy attachment to the gondola units.

Gondola Shelf Wire Front Fence is recommended for angled and flat shelves and comes in varying lengths.

Wire Gondola Shelf Dividers

Wire Gondola Shelving Dividers

Keep your gondola shelving neat by using the best Wire Divider by RedSheep. The models help to improve the storage area and keep the small merchandise organized.

Our wire divers are available in several finishes and sizes to enable you to customize your accessory. They are also quite affordable.

High Wire Gondola Shelf Dividers

High Wire Gondola Shelving Dividers

You can use the High Wire Divider to create compartments on the gondola shelving for displaying different commodities. The accessory comes with hooks to allow for easy assembly and removal.

It is the perfect solution for dividing space when storing different types of tall products on single shelving.

Rear Support Bar

Navigation Grid

The Navigation Grid comes in different colors to suit your needs, and you can always customize your units. It is an accessory that improves product visibility to allow the shoppers to see them from a distance.

You can count on the low profile of the model to make your store unique and welcoming.

Gondola Shelving Hooks

Gondola Shelving Hooks are simple gondola accessories that allow you to hang signs and packaged products on the shelf. They are easy to install to the unit and are made of quality material to last longer and remain rust-free.

You can use the hooks to display any product that you can hang to save space.

Low Baseleg

Low Baseleg

The Low Baseleg is suitable for all types of gondola shelving and was designed to provide stability to the structure. It is a solid structure that holds more loads, letting you place a lot of merchandise on the shelving.

You can attach the baseleg to the shelving without a hassle.

High Baseleg

High Baseleg

The High Baseleg offers more clearance at the bottom and is recommended for places with moist grounds. It ensures that the products remain safe while in your store.

You can easily adjust this baseleg to meet your needs and even customize the color.

Corner Shelf Panel

Corner Shelf Panel

The Corner Shelf Panel is a unique system for placing on the corner to create additional room for displaying the products. It is made of durable material that remains rust-free and allows you to add other gondola shelf accessories.

We recommend you customize the shelf to suit your store’s needs.

Wire Shelf

Wire Shelf Panel

The Wire Shelf Panel is another type of shelf and is made of steel wire. Every gap between the wires is equal to help reduce the coating surface, compared to the steel sheet panel.

It makes it easy for the water to drop down and meet fireproof requirements. The model is ideal for displaying beautiful, lightweight products such as RIO.

Retail Shelving Magazine Rack

Magazine Shelf

You can use the Magazine Shelf to display all kinds of reading materials for the shoppers to access quickly. It comes with different tiers, providing you with more space with conserving your store.

The shelf is made of quality materials and can give you value for money.

Magazine Bracket

Magazine Shelf Type 2

The magazine shelf is made of the rear and front shelf panels and brackets for supporting 1-step, 2-step, 3-step, 4-step, and even 5-step. They can hold varying weights to meet your needs and allow you to display different merchandise.

Magazine Shelf Type 2 comes with hooks to allow easy installation.

Wooden, Glass Shelves Bracket

Wooden & Glass Shelves Bracket

They are heavy-duty brackets for holding the wooden shelving and can allow you to place a lot of load on the surface. One great thing is the attractiveness they bring to your store as they make it look unique.

You can use these brackets with glass shelving or wooden shelving panel.


30*30 Upright

The 30*30 Upright comes with a 30mm x 30mm tube and offers an h-slot on both sides. It is among the best upright accessory you can find for a shelving system.

The model helps to replace the traditional big uprights and takes up less space, saving you space. It is especially ideal for placing at small corners or attaching to a cash counter.

The unit is a robust system made of quality steel material.

Extension Upright

You can use the Extension Upright to increase your shelving unit’s height or obtain non-standard vertical measurements. They come in different heights like 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, and 400mm to fit upright of 60mm, 80mm, 110mm, and other measurements.

It is perfect for converting your low gondola shelving into a high model.

2100mm Extention Upright Solution

2100mm Extention Upright Solution

It is an Extension Upright Solution that measures about 2100mm. You can use it to achieve a higher gondola shelving.

It remains rust-free, and you can customize it to meet your needs.

U Hook Upright

U-hook upright

U-Hook Upright was designed to enable supermarket owners to maximize space by using uprights with hooks. You can hang all manner of products on the U-hook as it is firmly attached to the upright.

It is easy to attach the structure to the gondola shelving, and it offers usability and dependability.

Slatwall Back Panel

Slatwall Back Panel

Slatwall Back Panel is an effective and modern display system that makes it easy to hang different kinds of steel wire hooks or other trays and boxes. It is the perfect panel for displaying small goods like tapes, hardware, etc.

The panel comes with an easy-to-clean surface and offers a superior finish, making your store look attractive.

You can customize the color of this back panel and even requested customized measurements.

Slatwall Back Panel For Wire Cable

Slatwall Back Panel For Wire Cable

The wire cable model has cuts on it to allow wire cables to pass through from the shelving’s back. It comes in handy when displaying LED lights that require electricity.

You can easily install the LED system to the gondola shelving and have it working correctly.

Tegometall Hanging Wire Shelf

Hanging Wire Basket

Hanging Wire Baskets provide exceptional display and easy access to items of an odd shape. The basket comes in an easy-to-assemble design.

They come in all colors and sizes to meet every store’s needs.


Hanging Wire Basket Dividers

You can use the hanging wire basket dividers to keep different products separately inside the basket. It is a simple system that you place inside the wired unit, and it comes with hooks for practical attachment.

The system helps to keep the products organized inside the basket.

Tegometall Gondola Shelf Plastic Toothed Risers And Dividers

The risers help prevent your merchandise from falling to the ground, mainly when the structure is tilted. This unit comes with plastic teeth that make it possible for you to slot in the gondola shef dividers plastic if you want to separate the products.

They are quite useful in keeping the products inside the shelving.

Tobacco Spring Loaded Shelf Pusher

Tobacco Spring Loaded Shelf Pusher enables better shelf management into reality. Work together with the toothed riser, your shelves and your goods will look much more organized and attractive.

Ad Light Box

AD Light Box

You can add the AD LightBox to your gondola shelving to keep the shoppers engaged and learn about your new offering. It is a platform that fits the units with ease and helps you to achieve your campaign goals.

The system is easy to attach to your shelving and does not require a lot of maintenance.

Die Casting

Die casting

We carry die casting of various measurements for the upright, including 30mm x 30mm, 60mm x 30mm, and 80mm x 30mm. You can also customize the die casting to meet your needs.

Flat Acrylic Riser

Flat Acrylic Riser

Flat Acrylic Riser is a universal model that you can use as a divider or at the front to prevent products from falling to the ground. It is a transparent system that can work effectively for displaying perfumes and other products.

One great thing is the ease of attaching the riser to the gondola shelving.

German Price Tag On Front Of The Shelf Panel

Price tag of Shelf Panel

The Price Tag of Shelf Panel enables the store owners to display the various merchandise prices to the customers. You insert the price tag to the panel or take it out with ease when the time comes.

It is made of quality material, and you can vary the measurements to meet your needs.

Gridwall Divider Wire 5380cm Left

Gridwall Divider Wire Left

Gridwall Divider Wire Left is made of durable wire material and is ideal for displaying hanging merchandise.  You can place this accessory as a gridwall hanging on the rear support bar.

Gridwall Divider Wire 5380cm Middle

Gridwall Divider Wire Middle

It is made of wire material and helps you to hand displayed goods. The model works perfectly when placed in the middle of the support bar.

Gridwall Divider Wire 5380cm Right

Gridwall Divider Wire Right

Gridwall Right is another accessory for hanging on the rear support bar at the structure’s right side. You can bet on its durability as it is made of quality material.

Panel Holder

Panel Holder

Panel Holders are made of quality steel material to last for decades and allow for simple installation. They are handy gondola shelf accessories you should consider adding to your gondola shelving to make it more attractive.

Gondola Shelving Accessories: The Complete FAQ Guide

What do our potential and former clients ask about these gondola accessories for gondola shelving? Find out here:

For more information about products, the company, or shipping, you can also check out our other FAQs!

Types of Gondola Shelving System

How many gondola shelving are there in the world?

Well, there’s hundreds of different goncola shelving system in the world, but there are four dominated gondolas in different areas.

South and North American: American gondola shelving, the most famous brands are Lozier and Madix.

European: Tegometall gondola shelving, there are other Tegometall compatible shelving brand like Eden or CAEM.

Asia: Asia gondola shelving, this is the most economic shelving in the world, so it’s also very popular.

Australia: Australia gondola shelving, the most famous brand will be Gibson or OZ shelving.

Africa: you can see almost 100 types of gondola shelving are available in Africa, Africans like different shelving systems to express their thoughts.

Difference of Gondola Shelving Parts and Accessories

Below are the differences between the two gondola store fixtures.

Gondola Shelving Parts

Parts are sections that combine to make up the gondola shelving. They include uprights, baselegs, back panels, shelf panels, plinths, brackets, and others.

We provide all the parts that create the gondola shelving unit, and you can choose to customize them. They come in all colors and sizes to meet every supermarket owner’s needs.


Gondola Shelving Accessories

Gondola shop fittings are things added to the gondola shelving to make it more attractive, versatile, and useful.  They include gondola shelving dividers, price strips, gondola shelving hooks, extensions, and others.

We sell different gondola shelf accessories to enable you to organize your shelving and make your store more attractive.


Why Most of the Suppliers Don’t Have a Full Range of Gondola Shelf Accessories?

Most gondola shelving suppliers carry only a limited number of gondola shelf accessories because of various reasons. These include:

  • Lack of Production Capabilities. Most manufacturers or suppliers lack the technology required to produce the full range of gondola shelving accessories. They also need many tooling to manufacture these gondola shelf accessories, leading to expensive units.
  • Lack of Product Expertise. Other brands lack the human expertise required to design, develop, and produce the full range of gondola accessories.
  • Lack of Third-Party Cooperation. Parties, like TUV, come in handy to ensure that the suppliers get the license to produce these accessories.
  • Lack of Improvement. Some of the gondola shelving accessories require the manufacturer to hold an ISO certificate to guarantee continuous improvement.


Do You Have All the Gondola Shelving Parts and Accessories?

RedSheep offers the full range of gondola shelving parts as we meet all the above and other requirements. We are committed to providing our clients different and unique choices to make their stores stand out.

We are a brand that wants to make your work easier. We do that by ensuring you have every accessory and part you might require to repair or upgrade your gondola shelving.

Full range of gondola shelving parts accessories

 What’s Corner Shelving?

Corner shelving is the ideal solution for placing it near the corners. They are used in retail shops and supermarkets to make use of every space. RedSheep provides both inner and outer Corner retail shelving.


What’s the Load-Bearing Capacity of Slatwall Back Panel Shelving?

Slatwall back panel shelving offers a great load-bearing capacity of about 50-150kg or even more. However, this will depend on the thickness of the material used to make the structure.

4 Detail Knowledge About Gondola Shelving Accessories

What’s The Difference Between Rear Support Bar And Tie Bar?

Rear Support Bars, often abbreviated RSB, are gondola shelf accessories used when heavy-duty gondola shelving hooks are needed to display heavy products on a gondola shelving. They can be used to create a stand that holds tall merchandise vertically between these hooks.

Tie Bars are accessories used to prevent gondola shelving from spreading or rolling under heavy pressure or load. They also prevent the shelves from sagging or twisting when displaying the items.


What’s Shelving Management Systems?

Many store owners ignore the benefits of shelve management when brainstorming ways to increase their sales. Shelf management involves merchandising and product placements on the shelves and keeping items organized and fully stocked.

The most profitable retail use shelving management systems, such as gondola shelving dividers, wire risers, plastic toothed risers, and flat Acrylic risers, achieve the ideal product placement. Shelving management systems are gondola shelving accessories used on the shelves to keep the merchandise in line and placed at the shelves’ front with the brand name facing the shopper.


What’s Euro Hook?

Euro Hooks are gondola shelving accessories that fit directly onto a gondola’s display perforated back panel, and you can reconfigure them with ease. They help to hold small to medium products within the packaging, like other gondola shelf accessories.

Euro hooks are popular because they allow for a professional and unique display of the merchandise.


What Are the Advantages of Wire Shelf Panel?

Gondola wire shelving panels are made of metal and help to maximize the storage space within the premises. Other benefits of wire shelf panel include:

  • Display Beautiful Items. The wire shelf panel is suitable to display some beautiful, lightweight items, like RIO.
  • Fire Control: Some stores use wire shelves for fire control requirements.
  • Save Space. The shelves help to minimize the floor space while maximizing the vertical area.
  • Keep Merchandise Organized. They help you to organize the products in different ways, like brand, color, and more.
  • Attractive. Wire shelves also make your store more attractive to shoppers.
  • Economical. The wire models are relatively more affordable than units made of solid metal.
  • Easy to Assemble. These units are functional, easy to use, and you can assemble them with ease.

Why Choose to Buy RedSheep Gondola Shelving?

Are Your Gondola Shelving Parts Compatible with Original Tegometall?

Tegometall shelving is highly flexible and comes in various heights, depths, and widths. They are also compatible with most shelving systems and parts on the market today.

You can rest assured that our gondola shelving parts are also compatible with the original Tegometall systems.


Can I Customize the Size of the Gondola Shelving Accessories?

We always encourage our customers to customize their gondola accessories to meet their needs and differentiate them from their rivals. That means personalizing the size, color, design, and other features.

You only need to provide your CAD drawing for us to offer you an accessory that matches your taste and gondola shelving. We also provide different kinds of gondola shelving accessories on our site that you cannot find from other brands.


How Can I Customize My Gondola Shelving Accessories Color?

We are a retail shelving manufacturer that provides you with the freedom to customize your products’ design, style, size, and color.

Our production system uses the latest technology to allow for color customization through painting the structure. The final product then undergoes high-temperature curing to ensure the color remains in place.

You can send us a good-condition color sample or notify us of the RAL number if you want your model to have a specific color. We provide you with precisely what you need and make it the same way.

Customise Your Gondola Shelving Accessories Colour

Is Gondola Shelving Parts Rust-Free?

We are committed to providing you with gondola parts that can withstand all types of conditions like tropical and coastal weather. Our quality control team test every accessory to make sure that it can handle these climates and remain rust-free.

We also treat the gondola shelving parts with phosphate or saline and then add color to the surface. That is possible due to the powder-coating that prevents moisture from accessing the metallic part. What’s RSB?

RSB stands for Rear Support Bar and is often used when heavy-duty gondola shelving hooks are needed to display heavy merchandise on the shelving. It is designed to allow store owners to place bar hooks, notch bars, and gift wrap arms on the shelves.

Payment Options And Shipping Terms Gondola Shelving Accessories Manufacturer Offer

RedSheep accepts the industry’s leading payment methods like Telegraphic Transfer, Letter of Credit, Western Union, PayPal, and others. You are requested to contact the support team to find the region-specific payment method for your area.

Our Shipping Terms:

  • We do ship on either LCL or FCL basis
  • We deliver your order within 14-60 days
  • Any shortage, damage, or loss should be reported within 36 hours of receiving the shipment
  • Note any issue with the delivery on B/L or delivery receipt


In Conclusion

Gondola shelving accessories come in handy to enable supermarkets to display the products attractively. We carry an entire range of gondola accessories at RedSheep to ensure that every retail store gets a system that meets their needs.

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