Metal Storage Cage

Here is the solution to your versatile warehouse storage needs. With RedSheep being your cage manufacturer, you can shoulder all your responsibilities to focus more on your customers and less on the stock. We have 23 years of hands-on experience in the manufacturing industry that helps us produce excellent quality. The unbeatable quality, design, manufacturing, affordability, and real-time customer support are what make RedSheep the best in-town metal storage cage manufacturer.

Extra large Stackable industrial wire container basket

Metal Storage Cage Customized

In the fast-moving world, business and storage needs are changing rapidly. Keeping this in mind, we offer all the customization facilities to our customers to benefit them, their business, and the environment. From size to design and delivery system, you get the freedom to enjoy products the way you want them.

RedSheep’s customization benefits include:

  • ODM/OEM service for unique and versatile designs
  • Expert engineers that bring your dream into reality through personalized discussions
  • Short delivery time even for complete customization
  • Affordable packages to keep things in your budget
  • Logo printing through a pressing tool

RedSheep Metal Storage Cage

RedSheep’s metal storage cage is designed to support warehouse stock management.

A high-quality metal storage cage can safely store your raw material, semi-finished and finished goods.

Available in various designs, a cage can increase your productivity up to 146%.

It gives you the needed confidence over your stock to build long-term trust-able relations with your customers.

With our robust construction sky is your new limit.

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Top 9 Metal Storage Cage Reviewed

Below are nine racks you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

Collapsable metal storage cage

Collapsable metal storage cage

Benefit your warehouse with the latest collapsible metal storage cage. The high-load bearing capacity makes it a perfect choice for raw material, semi-finished and finished products. The material used in the process is corrosion and rust-free. It can withstand both cold and hot environments.

Colorful zinced basketball-storage-cage

Colorful zinced basketball storage cage

With zinc plated storage cage, be thoughtful towards the visuality of your warehouse. Achieve a long-lasting variety of colors through a special powder coating that lasts for the longest. The robust construction lets you focus on your customers rather than thinking about your stock all the time. The lightweight structure allows stacking to save space in your warehouse.

Metal storage cages with european plastic pallet

Metal storage cages with european plastic pallet

Different warehouses deals in various products. For such owners, versatility is the number one priority. The recyclable plastic surface is designed to benefit you and your business without damaging the environment. With the plastic surface-covered structure, you can move your delicate goods with safety.

European standard heavy duty metal storage cage

European standard heavy duty metal storage cage

Transport your goods at cheaper rates with this standard heavy-duty metal storage cage. The cage can accommodate tuns of stock at once to save logistic expenses. You can stack it up to four layers to save space. Use machines to lift and relocate the unit. You won’t observe a single dent.

Lockable Metal storage cage with wire feet

Lockable Metal storage cage with wire feet

The lightweight structure is capable of holding and moving stock with safety. Chemical and temperature-resistant lockable metal storage cages can withstand harsh weather conditions and frequent temperature changes. The lockable door provides extra protection to the goods inside when moving.

Lockable industrial warehouse logistics metal storage cage on wheels

Lockable industrial warehouse logistics metal storage cage on wheels

The large walls provide double storage capacity for cheap logistics and storage. The wheels on the surface allow easy silent push. The design is a perfect fit for factories, warehouses, and distributors looking for versatile structures to fulfill their needs.

Parts carrying metal storage cage box

Parts Carrying Metal Storage Cage Box

This Parts Carrying Metal Storage Cage Box is neat, beautiful and efficient, suitable for ISO quality management and 6S standardized management, conducive to the promotion of corporate image. Uniform specifications, easy inventory and inventory, and can be stored in small quantities at separate levels. up to four layers to save space. Use machines to lift and relocate the unit. You won’t observe a single dent.

Foldable metal storage cage with pallet

Foldable Metal Storage Cage With Pallet

This Foldable Metal Storage Cage With Pallet can save and make rational use of space, can use multi-layer, high folding, and stacking, produce a three-dimensional effect, reduce the occupied space, and can replace the shelf system. When warehousing is not needed, it can be folded and the storage space can be used for it.

Heavy Duty Parts Carrying Metal Storage Cage Box

Heavy Duty Parts Carrying Metal Storage Cage Box

The Heavy-duty parts carrying metal storage cage box can cooperate with forklifts, logistics machinery, and other transport equipment, convenient and fast, reduce labor costs, improve efficiency, save warehousing and logistics costs. It is a product that replaces wooden cases, cartons, and cardboards.

Steel Mesh Storage Cage, The Storage Well - FAQ Guide

You can term metal storage cage as storage well because of the capacity it offers to the user. The lightweight material can hold tons of stock safely. Making room for more products.

It is a one-time investment solution for warehouse owners tired of bearing stock management expenses.

If you’re new to the term and confused if it is a right fit for you and your business or not, don’t fret out.

Following are the answer to all the mind-boggling questions to help you make the right decision.

Lets begging…


What Is a Metal Storage Cage?

A metal storage cage is the most durable storage solution to store and transport stock within and outside a warehouse or store.

It is available in various sizes, designs, materials, and qualities. The structure can hold heavy-duty stock and protect it against damage.

It offers maximum benefit in minimum investment. You can use these cages for overseas shipment of heavy-duty stock.

The cage offers double safety in half the cost of manually shifting your stock. It can hold loads of stock at once for easy and safe movement.

You can lift the cage using heavy-duty forklift or order a metal storage cage on wheels for easy push.

What Are The Benefits of A Metal Storage Cage?

Logistics is a deciding factor for the success of a business. There are many reasons why a warehouse owner should look for the best quality wire storage cage, some of which are following:

Durability and security

Metal storage cage is highly durable and trustable for stock movement. The high-quality manufacturing like RedSheep allow heavy loads management regardless of the type of the material.

The durable structure through innovative designing doubles the durability of your stock also. Where you were using ordinary packaging techniques to transport expensive, high-quality stock you can now utalize these storage cages to safely transport your stock.

High durability means no extra money needed to restock ages after few uses. This indirectly help you save more money and enjoy maximum benefits.  

Easy to maintain and handle

These cages offer warehouse growth with less pampering. You can easily stack four cages to save space in your warehouse. When done using the cage can be bolded and embedded with other cages in your warehouse.

The lightweight design lets you assemble, dismantle and relocate the unit without extra helps. This means you don’t need professionals or heavy forklifts to move the cage. You can even manually relocate a storage cage before when not filled with your stock.

Temperature resistant

If you’re looking for storage solution for your factory metal storage cage is your answer. The temperature resistant quality makes it is the best choice to store raw material and semi-finished products in a factory.

RedSheep has designed the storage cage to efficiently provide its services irrespective of the surrounding environment. It can adapt to any temperature, preventing rust and corrosion. This makes it a perfect unit to be used in cold and hot temperatures.

Chemical resistant

Warehouses that deal with chemicals find it hard to get containers that are chemical resistant. If you’re one of those, put a big smile on your face because the metal storage cage can serve your needs.

Chemicals spilling here and there can bring serious damage to your warehouse. These chemical-resistant cages are designed to withstand chemical interaction and prevent the place from damage.

Easy availability and customization

Metal storage cage is a popular structure easily available in the market. You can reach out to manufacturers like RedSheep to grab one-time investment solutions.

Apart from that, manufacturers like RedSheep allow customization to benefit your needs. You can contact our team and discuss your customized needs. Our team of experts will guide you through every step.  

Foldable heavy duty metal storage cage box
Foldable heavy duty metal storage cage box

What Are The Benefits of A Lockable Storage Cage?

Warehouse owners have to be certain about their stock. Because if they don’t take good care of the goods their business relay on, they might damage their image before their customers.

If you want to save yourself from such a situation lockable storage cage is for you. Easy management and efficient quality help keep your stock safe and sound until it reaches its final destination.

You may experience higher revenue with less investment, thanks to a 99.998% efficiency rate.

With these storage cages, you can directly load your stock and send them to your store to display for your customers. The metal wire and robust structure will protect your stock against shock.

Other than that, the collapsible storage cage is super easy to store and accommodate when not in use. In few simple steps, you can dismantle the structure to embed it with other storage cages.

The lightweight structure allows easy lifting to place it where it belongs. The rigid construction allows a four-layer stack. The height of a storage cage is ¼ when folded.

4 Layer Stackable Wire Storage Cage
4 Layer Stackable Wire Storage Cage

What Are The Expected Problems with Metal Wire Cages?

Metal storage cage is a robust structure with maximum benefits having minimum drawbacks. Generally, if the construction includes high-quality material, you won’t find any problem with the structure.

However, the following are few expected problems that can occur in a metal storage cage:

  • The overall life of metal storage depends on the quality of raw material and the construction process.
  • If the welding is not done properly, the wires can come out or dent when loaded.
  • The structure can lose its outlook if not treated well.

To avoid such problems, always choose your storage cage manufacturer carefully.

What Is The Raw Material Used in The Raw Material Used in The Construction of Metal Storage Cages on Wheels?

RedSheep does not only focus on the outlook of a structure. We rather work hard to make the foundation strong. To achieve our goal, we focus on the quality of raw materials used in the construction.

We typically use Q235 for the construction of our metal storage cages on wheels. This material is selected because it is a durable and easy modification to reach the desired storage cage size.

The material also is rust-free and long-lasting, so you don’t need to pamper the structure a lot. If it does not suit you, have the freedom to customize the material as per your needs.


What Is The Price Of a Metal Storage Cage?

Metal storage cage is not a costly structure thanks to the material and qualified construction process. An ordinary metal storage cage with a life of 5-10 years will cost you between $40-$100.

You can prolong the life of the unit by routine health checkups. Avoid overloading the structure to sell it as scrap once you’re done using it.

What Are The Accessories Available with Steel Mesh Storage Cages?

A steel mesh storage cage is incomplete without its supporting accessories. To offer easy installment and greater performance, RedSheep delivers all the accessories necessary to make a unit durable.

Following is the list of accessories or parts that go into the making of a steel mesh storage cage:

  • Signboard includes the logo or special message of your brand. You can use it to label the type of stock that goes into each storage cage.
  • The back mesh makes the back of the storage cage.
  • Two springs are attached at the two ends of the back mesh to secure the structure.
  • The right and left wires make the two sides of the unit.
  • The doorknob helps locate and use the door of the unit for loading and unloading of the stock.
  • U-slot holds the front or door of the structure and makes it secure
  • A Bolt is a present parallel to the doorknob
  • Foot structure makes the based of the structure. You can customize it with wheels for the easy push.
Heavy duty metal storage cage box pallet
Heavy duty metal storage cage box pallet

What Is The Load-Bearing Capacity Of a Lockable Storage Cage?

Lockable storage cages come in a variety of styles and patterns, as previously noted. Each is made to meet a specific purpose.

However, a metal storage cage generally has a load-bearing capacity between 300-1200 kgs depending on various factors like material, size, etc.

What If I Accidentally Overload The Metal Storage Cage on Wheels?

RedSheep send a complete manual guide with all the products to avoid mishandling. It helps increase the overall life of a structure without a dent.

Though each storage cage has a high load-bearing capacity, you can damage the structure’s shape by overloading. The wires can bend and even break in the worst case.

If you accidentally overall the structure, worry not, you can re-weld the structure, but it might lose its working capabilities like before. Or you can damage the wheels of the structure by habitually overloading it. This will lead to rough movement of disturbed balance.

To avoid damaging the structure, we recommend you read the instruction manual carefully. Instruct your labor to load the storage cage on wheels gradually.

If they feel a disturbance in the movement or find wheels making noise when transporting goods, remove the excess weight.

Why Choose RedSheep as Your Metal Storage Cage Supplier?

How Many Types of Storage Cages RedSheep Offers?

RedSheep offers a wide variety of designs to meet your needs. You can customize the structure if you deal in special kinds of products.

Generally, we have nine types of metal cages with variations in size, design, material, and longevity.

Different metal storage cage types
Different metal storage cage types

Does RedSheep Offer Color Options for Steel Mesh Storage Cages?

The simplest answer to your question is yes!

We do offer various colors on steel mesh storage cages to improve the aesthetics of your warehouse.

We add colors to our cages through zinc plating. It adds durability to the structure while offering  color options.

The color zinc plating is done keeping in mind the environment of your warehouse. It holds corrosion and rust-resistance capabilities.

Customise Your Metal Storage Cage Colour
Customise Your Metal Storage Cage Colour

How Long Will The Delivery of A Customized Metal Storage Cage Take?

RedSheep is working as a warehouse storage manufacturer for the past 23 years. We’ve been providing service to more than 40 countries. This experience has helped us evolve to provide the best in town services to all our customers.

Through hands-on experience and high-quality equipment, we can produce highly customized units in less than 30 days.

Wrapping Up

RedSheep’s 24-month product warranty will leave no choice for you but contact us asap.

If you are confused regarding structure, design, material, quality, payment, or delivery, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts.

Finally, place your order through “Request a Quote” and become part of our loyal customer family.

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