Gondola End Caps From China Factory

Gondola end caps require skills and high-quality material to offer lasting services. Those who want durable shelving must also understand the importance of hiring an experienced manufacturer. Lucky RedSheep has been offering its services to more than 40 countries for the past 23 years. We’re working as an experienced gondola shelving manufacturer in Eastern China. These units will help double your profit through satisfactory services. Thanks to our experts, we know how to manufacture futuristic products that will benefit you and your business.

Walmart End Cap Displays Design

Gondola End Caps Customized

We aim to maximize your satisfaction through customized services. Customization gives you the freedom to explore items for your maximum benefit. We aim to support your business by offering the best and most affordable customized services worldwide. Through customization, you can save money while enjoying a boost in sales. Our professionals will ensure to deliver your desired results. Our experts know how to make your store attractive, productive, and remarkable. Through customization, take charge of your store’s display.

Following are the benefits of RedSheep’s customization services:

  • ODM/OEM service to construct your dream design
  • CAD drawing to develop a unique structure
  • Label printing through pressing tools
  • Short delivery time for highly customized orders
  • Local partners to understand and cater to your needs
  • Affordable rates
  • 24-month product warranty

RedSheep Gondola End Caps

RedSheep is known for providing the best quality products.

Being an ISO-certified manufacturer from eastern China, we do our best to deliver quality at affordable rates.

Our end cap gondolas are a true example of innovation and style.

We’ve carefully constructed gondola end display to boost your sales. Our units offer safety, better visibility, and satisfying services at affordable rates.

Our units are constructed to serve you for at least ten years.

Gondola end cap displays are not only designed to keep your products in place but to attract more customers.

Our strong engineering will leave no stone unturned to provide ease to your shoppers, eventually leading to loyal customers.

You can rely on our expertise and experience in end cap gondola.

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Top Rated Gondola End Caps Reviews

Gondola end cap displays help group your merchandise according to colour, style, size, and other variables. Some of the top units you can find from our store include:

Wall End Cap Display

This is a spacious display system. As the name suggests, it’s a wall-end gondola system that offers maximum space for maximum storage and display. The system offers rigid shelves that can bear heavy loads.

Contoured End Cap Displays

This system is carefully constructed to utilize the end of your aisles. The system is thoughtfully constructed with high quality material to last for at least 10 years with minimum care. The shelves and design can be customized as per your needs.

No Base Wall End Cap Displays

This system is designed to display some items which displayed with pegboard display hooks or accessories, to hold maximum products. These are constructed to last for more than 10 years.

End Caps With End Display Wings

These units offer maximum storage to safe store’s space. End caps with wings let you create a great visual experience for your customers. These units can be customized according to your needs.

End Caps With Full Height Wing Panels

End caps with full height wing panels are a great option for stores wanting to display multiple products. These units are designed to display promotional products to better visibility.

Stepdown End Cap

These are visually unique gondola end caps. They help increase sales through better visibility. These units are designed to be placed in the middle of the store to make the most out of your store’s space.

Three Way End Caps With Wall Sections

Three-way end caps are the most spacious display units available at RedSheep. These units offer maximum display in minimum space. Best raw material is used in the production for durable results.

Three Way End Caps With Wood Bases

Three-way end caps with wood base offer a unique display experience. They help you create a visually appealing theme of your store. These units are manufactured to last for the longest.

Three Way End Caps With Wood Pallet Jack Bases

If you’re looking for end caps to offer maximum storage with beauty this one is the best option. We construct it from the best raw material to deliver a durable structure. A top pan board on top to unit the three way back panels.

End Cap Decks

End cap decks are a great option to increase storage and display in your store. They are attache at the bottom of the system where big and heavy products can be display easily.

Wire Wing Panel

Wire wing panels works as accessories for gondola end cap displays. These are constructed from corrosion and rust-resistant steel wire material. Therefore you can expect it to last for at least 10 years.

Contoured End Cap Deck

Like the Wall End Display, the Contoured End Display is freestanding. It has softened edges on the shelves and decks, giving your display a gentler appeal.

Contoured End Cap Shelf

The contoured end cap shelf is a freestanding end display system similar to the wall end display. It includes shelves and decks with smooth and round edges for customers’ safety.

Contoured End Cap Display Base End Trims

Contoured base end cap trims are used to close off base brackets on contoured end displays. These are always sold in pairs. These are always installed on standard base brackets of the same depth.

Merchandise And Close Off Panels Hardboard

At RedSheep, we have both merchandise and close-off panels available at the most affordable rates. These panels are constructed from high-quality material to last for the longest.

Merchandise And Close Off Panels Slotwall

Merchandise and close-off panels are used to create wall coverings for slotwall. These are used as an most important parts to build a slotwall shelving.

Merchandise And Close Off Panels Wiregrid

Wiregrid close-off panels are constructed from durable, corrosion, and rust-resistant material. We ensure delivering you the best quality at affordable rates. Regularly goes with wiregird hooks to make it more versatile.

Offset End Cap Merchandise Panels

Choose OEM for Island sections with different-sized Decks and an entirely usable Panel. You don’t need any additional hardware to install an offset end cap.

Full Height Wing to End Frame & End Deck Accessory Panel Connector

This is one of the most useful end cap gondola accessories available at RedSheep. These are necessary to connect accessory panels with standard end solutions.

Full Height Wing to Full Height End Frame Accessory Panel Connector

These are used to connect accessory panels. At RedSheep, every item and system is constructed from durable material.

Full Height Wing to Wall End Cap Display Accessory Panel Connector

Accessory panel connectors are used to connect accessory panels to the wall or counter-end display. They are also used in attaching end merchandising and closing off panels.

Inline Wing on End Cap Deck Flush Accessory Panel Connector

These are used to connect standard End Solutions to accessory panels. Connector types should be ordered based on the application of your accessory panels.

Wing on Base End Cap Trim Flush Accessory Panel Connector

Accessory panel connectors are required when employing accessory panels with conventional end solutions. Connector types should be ordered based on the application of your accessory panels.

Top Pan For Three Way End Caps With Wall Sections

A top pan to unit the three-way end cap and keep it strong. This top pan is made up of several Lozier products. These can be customized according to your needs.

Wall End Cap Display Stabilizers

A Wall End Display Stabilizer is used to secure an independent gondola end display to an Island portion.

Wall End Cap Display End Top Rails

Top rails are a necessary accessory to install a strong gondola end cap. All accessories and shelving at RedSheep are constructed from high-quality material only.

Wall End Cap Display Gondola Top Rails

Wall end display gondola Top Rail is part of the gondola end display stabilizer. These can be ordered separately for your ease and benefit.

No Base Wall End Cap Display Lower Stabilizers

These are used to connect no base end cap to gondola base brackets. It offers Kick plate at the bottom of the display system.

Stabilizers For WED or CED Wings

These are used to secure gondola end display systems during installation. They work as connectors between the display on the wall contoured end display or wings contoured end display end cap or wings to the wall end display end cap.

Wall End Cap Positioners

These are used to attach independent WED or CED to end gondola shelving of the same and taller height. They help to fasten the wall end cap to the island shelving unit.

EMP Diagonal Straps

This diagonal strap helps hold the side panels in place for Three-Way End Caps with a wood base.

Heavy Duty End Cap Merchandising Panel Kits

A heavy-duty end cap merchandising panel kit is compatible with all styles. It works as a top cover to keep the system sealed and neat.

Outside Mounted Conversion Kits

Using the outside mount conversion kit to modify an end merchandising panel to meet offset applications.

Top Rail Hold Down Kits

The top rail is secured to Uprite with this kit. A kit is required when utilizing End Merchandising Panels on Island Sections without Shelves in the last portion of the run.

End Panel

An end panel is a decorative surface element that is used to dress up the exposed end of a base or top cabinet run.

Perforated Front End Cap Merchandising Panels

These panels are available independently at RedSheep. These are constructed from high-quality material to last for at least ten years. Usually works with the pegboard accessories to meet your display needs.

Rear End Panels

At RedSheep we offer rear end panels independently.  It’s the solid end panel without perforated holes. These panels are constructed from high quality material to last for the longest.

Perforated Side Panels

These are sheet panels set as a side decorative elements, used for pegboard hooks and holders.

Wire Grid End Cap Wing Panels

Wire Wing Panels draw emphasis to your end caps. Attach panels to the Uprite directly or to the Shelves behind it.

Gondola End Caps For Your Ease And Better Accessibility - Ultimate FAQ Guide

Gondola end caps are a great way to utilize your storage space effectively. It helps you display and organize products that benefit you and your business.

You’re at the right place if you’re looking for the best gondola end display. Here are some answers to the most common questions about gondola end cap displays.

Keep reading to make the best decision for your store!

What Is A Lozier Shelving System?

To completely understand what and how gondola end caps work, let’s unfold what Lozier gondola shelving is.

Lozier shelving is one of the most widely used display systems in South and North America. Their versatility makes it a favorite among people. These can be used for all retail purposes, making them the most affordable choice for retail shelving.

This popular system is also one of the most durable shelving systems. Their ease of customization allows people to make the best use of it.

These units are made to exhibit items while also forming adequate lanes. These are sturdy enough to carry multiple items at once. High-quality steel is used in their construction.

They vary from other shelving systems to allow you to move the units and shelves around. They are available in various colors and patterns to match your store’s theme.


What Is An Endcap Display Meaning?

The gondola end cap display is a shelving system designed to be positioned at the end of an aisle. It allows you to make the most of your store’s area. During a promotional period, these units are employed for temporary product placement.

Lozier endcaps are a multi-purpose display system. These are a must-have in a store because of their unlimited advantages.

Endcap displays, for example, improve product visibility. They can assist you in attracting clients to a new or promotional product. They also help you be more efficient with your store’s area if you put them right.

Lozier Gondola End Cap
Lozier Gondola End Cap

What Are The Uses Of Gondola End Cap Displays?

A study conducted in 2019 found that 100 shoppers interacted with end cap racks over two weeks. By the end of the research, 21% of shoppers had engaged with the end cap before moving to the next category.

While roughly 72% engaged with the end cap without going down the category aisle, end cap placement improves sell-through by attracting clients who aren’t actively shopping in your category.

These display systems are used to grab customers’ attention for better sales. Because they enhance the item, packaging, and price to appear better before customers, they have the power to capture your customers subconsciously.

Even if the customer intends to stop in the aisle where your product is normally on the shelf, end cap placement guarantees the customer will see your item and price when strolling through the action alley.

Walmart End Cap Displays Design
Walmart End Cap Displays Design

What Are The Business Benefits of End Cap Displays?

According to Ogilvy Action research, around 40% of shoppers wait until they reach the shelf to decide which brand to buy. Because you can still win the sale in the aisle, the end cap rack is superior to getting their attention even before they enter. There are numerous advantages to having your goods on this feature:

Increased Sales

The sell-through rate of items featured on a store end cap is higher. Aside from increased customer traffic, most retailers enable suppliers to be more creative with end cap display design than with shelf placement. These characteristics draw the customer’s attention and create the perception of added value due to their prominent placement.


Having two or more things on an end cap is one of the best methods to cross-merchandise a product. Cross-merchandising elements will drive more goods to the cart, whether building a meal solution or displaying a laptop with numerous accessories.

Product Awareness

Customers may not be able to shop every aisle in the store, so the end cap feature is a terrific method to highlight things they may not have considered purchasing. A big box store that sells a lot of groceries and health and beauty products can try to increase awareness of other items by putting them on an end cap rack (e.g., motor oil, art supplies, hardware, etc.).

A Walmart End Cap Displays For Lego Bricks
A Walmart End Cap Displays For Lego Bricks


Despite the different shelving options available, gondola end cap displays are a wonderful solution. The appearance of the space is improved with quality gondola end display. As a result, investing in a long-lasting and intelligent shelf system is critical.

When you choose RedSheep as your gondola shelving manufacturer, you’ll benefit from low prices, quick customer service, customization options, on-time delivery, and, most importantly, a high-quality finished product that will last as long as possible.

Last but not least, RedSheep offers a 2-year worry-free shelving experience with their 2-year warranty.

With a low MOQ of 50 sets, RedSheep is committed to delivering maximum assistance to all of its customers.


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