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Looking for a quality China shop basket manufacturer to provide shopping basket wholesale? RedSheep is here to help you. Keep reading to know-how!

Who Is Cooperating With RedSheep?

Why Should You Cooperate With a China Shopping Basket Manufacturer like RedSheep?

It’s not necessary that the same kind of people visit you as a wholesaler or a retail store. Every product has its demands in terms of accommodation so do customers.

Some might not have the time and nerve to dance around with a trolley between aisles to grab few lightweight items from your store.

RedSheep presents you with an innovative product line that will ease the shopping experience while saving space in your store for such situations.

As a brand supermarket shopping basket supplier with 23 years of hands-on experience, we claim to offer the best shopping basket wholesale in town.

With a perfect blend of high-end production, the latest technology, skilled labor, and attractive designs, we claim to increase your store’s efficiency rate to its maximum.

With an efficiency rate of 99.998%, there’s no chance that you’ll lose customers anymore.

We value your time and investment and devotedly work to make the most out of it.

With the advanced mechanisms, we have managed to develop a process that involves minimum energy waste and CO2 imitation. 

Once you plan to grab a new basket, it can be recycled to minimize land waste. Hence the product is beneficial to you as well as global health.

More than 40 countries rely on our eco-friendly shopping baskets for their stores.

This extensive knowledge allows us to create goods that are most beneficial to you. So sit back and enjoy while we customize each supermarket shopping basket to your specifications.

With RedSheep’s durable boutique shopping baskets, your competitors will not be able to meet the level of service you’ll provide.

RedSheep durable shopping baskets
RedSheep durable shopping baskets


Why is RedSheep The Best Choice Of China Retail Shopping Basket Manufacturers?

Now that we’ve discussed how the trolleys will help you gain popularity, you must be wondering how RedSheep is a better choice than other shopping basket manufacturers?

Worry not!

Here’s the list of numerous benefits you get at RedSheep that are hard to find elsewhere.

Let’s begin!

1 Constant Quality Check

Before highlighting other qualities of RedSheep, let me remind you a good-looking trolley with a broken wheel is of no use to impress shoppers.

Or a store where trolly accidents are no surprise to people.

Remember, a perfect store is not the one that offers good products, but it is the one that focuses on better customer service.

We proudly wear our customer’s goodwill as a huge responsibility. We thoroughly inspect each product to avoid accidents and damage to your overall service.

Raw materials and completed goods go through extensive tests to achieve the claimed quality. In addition, there’s a dedicated team working to keep a check and balance on production, packaging, and delivery of the goods.

A wholesaler or a store owner can compromise on anything but quality, and that’s where we put our full focus.

Just in case, all the supermarket shopping baskets we produce are constructed keeping in mind the European standard UNE EN ISO 1929 1:1998.

In addition, we also fulfil ISO 9001: 2000 quality standards and ISO-2768 certified, which means we meet the international standards of shopping basket production.

After various tests and trials at different stages, you can be sure about the quality you’ll receive.

2 Versatility to Fulfill All Your Needs

Offering maximum options for each product is what we believe in. When you have various materials for a shopping basket, it is easy to grab the one with the most benefits.

Every store has its unique needs. If most stores prefer the same material, it does not means you have to follow the trend.

Here at RedSheep, you have the choice to either have a plastic, metal, or hybrid super basket.

3 Highly Customizable to Bring Your Dream Into Reality

RedSheep have full experience on developing customized plastic shopping carts or baskets for our customers.

We have a team composed by experienced R&D engineers who can make designs by solid works, CAD, C4D softwares, and can make pre-production samples by 3D printing for your confirmation. 

You can sign a NDA with us and show us your 3D drawings, CAD drawings, pictures or even your idea about your dream products, and see it to become true.

Plastic Injection Tooling
Plastic Injection Tooling

4 Innovative Designs to Accommodate Your Products In The Best Ways

Once you place an order for shopping basket manufacturer, they become yours, and when you own something, you should have the power to the style that fits your needs.

Here is the list of innovative and attractive designs you can choose at RedSheep:

● Aldi Style Shopping Basket

RedSheep’s Aldi-style supermarket shopping basket is an all-plastic design to hold lightweight and compact goods. The basket is easy to carry around when your shoppers are short of time.

The plastic used in manufacturing is recyclable and durable to avoid disappointment. Moreover, you can order various colors to make it attractive and stylish.

We keep the handles foldable for easy loading and unloading of the goods.

For better branding, we offer logo printing on the side of the basket, so your brand stands out.

● Walmart Handy Shopping Basket

We design the Walmart shopping basket with two handles that increase the overall load-bearing capacity of the basket. As a result, it provides an opportunity to grab more items at once.

The basket can carry a load of up to 25 kgs, ideal for a customer in a rush. Moreover, with durability, we offer various colors to attract more people.

The elegant-looking base is rigid inside due to the polypropylene material. However, the basket itself is lightweight, so the customer can easily carry it around.

Logo printing option is also available.

●  Ergo Hand Wanzl Basket Style Boutique Shopping Baskets

This one is one of the latest baskets with innovative design. RedSheep’s hand wanzl basket is 250mm tall with 520mm weight.

The design is kept semicircular for convenient shopping. With the help of the constructive design, the user can divide the basket’s weight between hand and body.

Like every other plastic shopping basket, it is recyclable and eco-friendly. This means once you plan to grab new baskets from RedSheep, you can sell the old ones as scrab.

● Wanzl Style Rolling Shopping Basket

Unlike the previous one Wanzl style rolling basket is provided with a wheel to allow efficient shopping. It is an all-plastic style with a plastic wheel.

The rigid construction guarantees long-run service with fun for both young and old. We recommend it most to small stores as an alternative to giant shopping trolleys.

There’s a handle attached to the basket for easy handling. Due to its lightweight, the basket allows customers to move around quickly.

● Super Basket Style Wheeled Shopping Basket

It is another style in the wheel shopping basket with a handle. The basket is low in height and with maximum space for various goods.

The model comes with silent wheels that protect the environment against ugly scratching noise. We’ve kept its handle round to provide extra protection.

The durable design comes in various colors. You can always customize the size, height, and color of the super-wheeled shopping basket. There are two different sizes of handles available on each side of the basket for easy lifting.

● Supa IGA Supermarket Shopping Basket

It is the most popular and typical design used in most of the stores. The basket has a capacity of 30-litre. We’ve kept it lightweight to hold maximum goods.

It allows logo printing for better branding of your store. If you wish, you can also customize the size, colour, and design of the Supa IGA shopping basket.

The rigid material and construction are the pride of this basket.

● Woolworth Shopping Basket on Wheels

The Woolworth supermarket shopping basket is a popular design due to its vast capacity. In addition, the wheels offer smooth movement without noise.

You can bet on the durability and productivity of this basket. It can serve you for as long as ten years. Not only that, if you plan to restyle shopping baskets at your store, you can sell the Big W as a scrap.

You have the freedom to customize the logo, style, design, and size of the basket to meet your needs. It is safe and provides value for money.

● Ross Shopping Basket

The three handles of the Ross basket make it unique and popular. Shopping is more fun with this lightweight basket.

Your customers can use the middle two handles to lift the basket or the side handle to drag it around on wheels.

The durable plastic is again eco-friendly and cyclable; hence, you can resell it once it works for you. The shape is kept round and protects from bumps and damage.

● Wire Shopping Basket

Corrosion-free steel is the backbone of our wire supermarket shopping basket. The model can accommodate lightweight products.

The handle is placed in the middle to divide the weight of the products equally. In addition, the plastic covering protects the fingers of the user from getting hurt.

It is both durable and cheap in the pocket. Thanks to our smart manufacturing, the basket is kept light, but it is heavier than a plastic basket.

You can contact our team to customize the size.

●American 68 Liters 360° Rolling Grocery Basket

This one is an American rolling grocery basket with an integrated plastic body.

The handle is integrated for the user to use as per convenience. The wheels are kept silent, so you and your shoppers don’t get distracted by the irritating noise.

The material used in the construction is durable and recyclable. In addition, the handle is kept antibacterial for health-conscious shoppers.

● AEON Japanese Shopping Basket With Handles

AEON shopping basket is one of the widely used shopping baskets in Japan. It comes with 2 handles and wholes for you and your shoppers to look at the products.

It can carry a heavy load without getting punctures. The highlight of the basket is the logo feature on four sides of it.

You can customize the handle and size of the basket according to your requirements.

NOTE: Apart from the long list of usable and famous designs, you can always contact our team to enjoy a tailored design that fits your needs.

5 Crystal Clear Manufacturing Process of Shopping Basket

As a buyer, you have the right to know how we manufacture the supermarket shopping baskets. We make shopping baskets through injecting molding process. Here’s how we do the process:

Mould Closes: When the mold closes, the injection molding cycle timer begins. If the process uses robots that terminate one cycle when they receive a new part, the cycle can go “part to part.”

Injection: At this stage, we inject the hot plastic. The air escapes ensuring adequate filling in the mold.

Cooling: The things are left to cool down to harden the plastic further. Because the thickness of the material determines the cooling time, there is no set period for cooling.

Adding Accessories: At this stage, we add accessories and other parts to complete the shopping basket.

RedSheep plastic shopping basket injection machine
RedSheep plastic shopping basket injection machine

6 High-Quality Raw Material Of Shopping Basket Manufacturer

Our products get rigidity and affordability through the following raw materials:

For plastic shopping baskets, we use Polypropylene (PP) and High-Density Polypropylene (HDPP) material.

The materials are highly tough and provide strength, durability, stiffness, resistance to moisture and chemicals, permeability to gas, and efficient performance.

We use high-quality steel with zinc plating and transparent powder coating to manufacture wire steel models.

First time new pp material
First time new pp material
First time pp raw material sgs test report
First time pp raw material sgs test report

7 Affordability

We put maximum effort into keeping things within your budget. Depending upon various factors like size, design, material, and customization, a typical basket can cost you between $2 to $10.

You can avail of an additional discount on bulk purchases.

8 Fast Production and On-Time Delivery of Shopping Basket Manufacturer

We’ve developed efficient techniques to finish the production process and deliver goods in the least possible time.

You can expect your order of retail shopping trolleys to be delivered within 30 days, depending upon the quantity and specifications.

Keep in mind that you can also enjoy direct delivery service. In this case, the delivery might take a little longer, but you have the freedom to choose the shipping company.

We provide direct delivery service in more than 40 countries. Contact our customer support team to have complete information about delivery time and process in your country.

Redsheep Shopping Basket Manufacturer Stock Warehouse
Redsheep Shopping Basket Manufacturer Stock Warehouse

9 Facility To Contact Our Local Partners

For customers who prefer in-person meetings, we provide exceptional service through our local partners. 

We have local partners in various parts of the world. You can guide us your location and business through our website, and our team will get you connected with our local partner available in your area.  

Remember, if you wish to enjoy direct dealing with RedSheep shopping basket manufacturer, we’re always there to guide and provide satisfying services.



Last but not least, RedSheep as a reliable shopping basket supplier offers a two-year warranty on all retail shopping trolleys to its customers.

Now that you know all the details about our shopping trolleys which design you think will suit you most?

Reach out to me through the comment section if you have any confusion or queries.

Lastly, you can order a minimum of 100 pieces through “Request A Quote Directly For This Product!” on our website.

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