Asian Shopping Cart

Clean finish, robust construction, and safe delivery make RedSheep the ultimate Asian shopping cart manufacturer. The quality of a shopping factor is the deciding factor of a retail store’s future. Make sure to choose the best in-town Asian trolley for your customers to provide a satisfying shopping experience. RedSheep got all the services one can expect from an experience supermarket trolley manufacturer. From customization to fast delivery, everything satisfies you and your shoppers.


Asian Shopping Cart Customized

Customization is a must-have nowadays. Every company faces unique difficulties that necessitate tailored solutions. Being the best shopping cart manufacturer, we provide all the services to benefit you and your business. RedSheep offers a short delivery time for customized products at the most affordable rates. Wait no more and contact our experts to guide you through every step.
Here’s what you can customize at RedSheep – a professional shopping cart supplier
●Customized design through ODM/OEM service
●Shopping cart sizes, material, and color of the trolley to provide a better shopping experience
●Customized accessories according to shopper’s needs
Logo printing for better marketing

Redsheep Asian Shopping Cart

Safety is the biggest priority at RedSheep. Acting upon the  ISO/TUV regulations, you don’t have to worry about unwanted accidents anymore. The supermarket carts will be smooth, and easy movement will do everything to convince your shoppers to be your regular visitors. With the various designs, you can enjoy an increase of up to 76% in overall sales. Innovative technology, thoughtful services, customer support, and highly skilled labor is working day and night to produce the most satisfying shopping carts one can find out there.

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Top 9 Asian Shopping Cart Reviewed

Below are nine carts you can find at RedSheep stores at an affordable rate and even have the freedom to customise them

Asian shopping cart 60L

Asian Shopping Cart 60L

Application: Convenience stores, grocery stores

Dimension: L770*W460*H980

Weight: 12.88kg

4″ PVC Wheels with no Bearing

Load-bearing Capacity: 80kg


Asian Shopping Cart 80L

Asian Shopping Cart 80L

Application: Convenience stores, grocery stores

Dimension: L815*W520*H960

Weight: 16.4kg

4″ PU Wheels with Single Bearing

Load-bearing Capacity: 90kg


Asian Trolley 100L

Asian Trolley 100L

Application: Convenience stores, Chain stores like SPAR

Dimension: L885*W520*H975

Weight: 16.58kg

4″ PU Wheels with Single Bearing

Load-bearing Capacity: 100kg


Asian Supermarket Shopping Cart 125L

Asian Supermarket Shopping Cart 125L

Application: Convenience stores, Chain stores like SPAR

Dimension: L915*W550*H1000

Weight: 20.16kg

4″ PU Wheels with Double Bearing

Load-bearing Capacity: 110kg


Asian Shopping Cart 150L

Asian Shopping Cart 150L

Application: Supermarket, big chain stores

Dimension: L1020*W570*H985

Weight: 21.54kg

5″ TPR Wheels with Double Bearing

Load-bearing Capacity: 115kg


Asian Shopping Cart 180L

Asian Grocery Cart 180L

Application: Supermarket, big chain stores

Dimension: L1010*W590*H1020

Weight: 25.22kg

5″ TPR Wheels with Double Bearing

Load-bearing Capacity: 120kg


Asian Shopping Cart 210L

Asian Super Market Cart 210L

Application: Supermarkets, Hypermarkets

Dimension: L1080*W590*H1060

Weight: 28.12kg

5″ TPR Wheels with Double Bearing

Load-bearing Capacity: 130kg


Asian Shopping Cart 240L

Asian Grocery Cart 240L

Application: Supermarkets, Hypermarkets

Dimension: L1150*W615*H1060

Weight: 30.3kg

5″ TPR Wheels with Double Bearing

Load-bearing Capacity: 140kg


Asian Shopping Trolley 275L

Asian Shopping Trolley 275L

Application: Supermarkets, Hypermarkets

Dimension: L1170*W645*H1050

Weight: 32.34kg

5″ TPR Wheels with Double Bearing

Load-bearing Capacity: 150kg


Asian Shopping Cart, The Best Shopping Partner-FAQ Guide

Being a shop or store owner, sometimes it becomes challenging to decide what will suit you and your business.

This is what we are here for!

Following are the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding Asian shopping trolleys.

Keep reading the article to find answers to the questions influencing your final decision.

What is an Asian Shopping Cart?

For those who don’t know, an Asian grocery cart is similar to any other cart available out there. The only difference is the the construction and the lightweight feature.

Otherwise, like any other cart, it has been manufactured to carry goods around, allowing shoppers to shop freely.

An Asian cart is capable of holding various weights depending on the size and manufacturing.

How Much Weight Can An Asian Grocery Cart Hold?

The weight-bearing capacity of a shopping trolley depends on many factors. For instance, shopping cart sizes, material, manufacturing, welding process, and design are a few of the many deciding factors.

In this case, specifying the dimensions is the best move to have a better understanding. Here are the weight-bearing details of each Asian shopping trolley.

Asian Shopping Cart Data Sheet

Asian shopping cartsLoading QuantityRecommend WheelsLoad-bearing Capacity
LitersDimensions (mm)Weight20' (PCS)40' HQ (PCS)KG
60L770*460*98012.883407604" PVC Wheels With No Bearing80
80L815*520*96016.42606504" PU Wheels With Single Bearing90
100L885*520*97516.582405804" PU Wheels With Single Bearing100
125L915*550*100020.162105504" PU Wheels With Double Bearing110
150L1020*570*98521.541805205" TPR Wheels With Double Bearing115
180L1010*590*102025.221724805" TPR Wheels With Double Bearing120
210L1080*590*106028.121654605" TPR Wheels With Double Bearing130
240L1150*615*106030.31504205" TPR Wheels With Double Bearing140
275L1170*645*105032.341403805" TPR Wheels With Double Bearing150

What Is The Difference Between An Asian Shopping Trolley And An European Shopping Cart?

In general, both are there to ease the shopping experience. Their only difference is that a European shopping trolley is comparatively cheap and lasting because of its simple structure. At the same time, an Asian-style shopping cart comes with a bottom tray that allows easy loading and unloading of bulky items.

Asian trolleys are usually preferred by small store owners because they are smaller in size. It allows customers to move around between tight aisles, especially when there is a heavy traffic flow.

Other than that, Asian carts are lightweight and most suitable for Asian people as they have smaller bodies. It is the same reason why the cart is called an Asian shopping cart.

What Is The Difference Between An Asian Shopping Trolley And An American Shopping Cart?

In general, the Asian trolley is more economic. Easy to maneuver because of its impact size and lightweight. Asian housewives like it because they do high-frequency, low-quantity shopping.

Meanwhile, the American grocery cart is more robust because of the thicker material it uses, which allows loading more. It’s capable of buy-in bunch purchasing and more efficient shopping, so it is more popular in North and South American countries.

Asian shopping cart comes with a bottom tray
Asian shopping cart comes with a bottom tray

What Is The Estimated Price of An Average Asian Shopping Cart?

As mentioned earlier Asian carts are of various sizes and designs. You can also purchase accessories with Asian carts. The more accessories you buy, the more the shopping cart price will increase.

However, a standard shopping trolley will cost you between $27-$57.

What Are The Advantages of Asian Shopping Carts?

Less Pampering For Greater Benefit

As mentioned earlier Asian grocery carts are compact and lightweight. This makes them manageable and adaptable that works in favor of store owners. The rigid construction allows them to use the trolleys irrespective of the environment.

They won’t catch rust easily. Their rough and tough nature can bear minor bumps. If any part of the trolley shows signs of damage, you can fix it with welding in no time.
Affordable Rates With Greater Durability

Every store owner wishes to enjoy more services at cheaper rates. An Asian trolley is a perfect example of that. Through 23 years of experience as a shopping cart manufacturer, RedSheep can eliminate unnecessary construction expenses. It allows us to offer high-end cheap shopping carts.

The shopping cart price seems more relevant when one gets to enjoy the services for a long period. We construct all the trolleys to serve you with the best for a minimum of 5-10 years.

Wait, there’s more…

You can prolong a trolley’s overall life by avoiding mishandling. Regular health check-ups are a great way to maintain the health of Asian grocery carts.

Value Against Money

The Asian supermarket cart does not serve you through better customer service but offers a great Return on Investment plan. You can sell the old one as scrap when you’re done using the trolley and plan to grab a new lot from RedSheep.

There are high chances that you’ll get at least 40% of your investment back for a good condition of quality.
Easy Customization

The material we use for the construction of an Asian grocery cart is mostly Q235. It shapes the steel to achieve the desired shape, size, and design for an Asian shopping trolley.

The fusion of user-friendly material and expert labor can produce the best quality customization. Through customization, you can make your store look attractive.
What are the Accessories offered with an Asian trolley?

RedSheep various accessories with Asian grocery carts to let our customers enjoy the most out of it.

Following are the accessories available for an Asian trolley offered to fulfill various needs:

Logo Printed Customized Handle

A customized handle with your brand’s message or tag can be a great technique to advertise your business. Your customer might miss the latest Tv advertisement offering a sale, but there is no chance they’ll miss looking at the handle.

We offer customized logo-printed handles for all Asian shopping carts. You can customize the shopping cart sizes and location of the logo, including color.

Not only this, but a printed logo will also ensure the safety of your trolleys against theft and loss.

Coin Locks or Parking Bays

Trolley theft is a real problem these days. To make an Asian trolley more secure, coin locks, also known as chain lock systems, are the most efficient and widely used.

The system includes chains that interlock with other trolleys. When you or your customer wants to use the trolley, simply insert a coin to detach it from the lot. When they are done shopping, they can place the trolley at the right spot and get their coin back.

The system will not only reduce the cost you spend to buy trolleys but help you minimize trolley management labor.

Shopping cart coin lock
Shopping cart coin lock

Dividing Grill or Storage Shelf

If your store offers fragile items, you must order extra grills when purchasing from RedSheep. We provide these grills as per your choice and demand.

You can ideally have it in front of the cart other than the child seat.

Seatbelts And Children’s Seat

The child seat is a must, with a trolley to provide an easy shopping experience for all the mummies out there. You can customize the shopping cart sizes and colors of children’s seats to provide more sitting space.

To make these seats more suitable for young ones you can order some seatbelts also.
You can find safety-printed belts, safe seat elite, premium bets, and standard belts.

Cart Wheels and Casters

Malfunctioning of shopping cart wheels and casters is not typical but expected. To save yourself from future problems, it’s best to order extra casters with Asian shopping trolleys. You can conveniently replace the wheels without professional help to avoid inconvenience.

Seatbelts and children seat
Seatbelts and children seat

Trolly Shopping Bags and Hooks

We offer high-end trolly shopping bags to maximize the productivity of your supermarket carts. Your customers can use these bags to separate tailored from vegetables when purchasing both.

If you want to create more space for your shoppers in a cart, go for RedSheep’s bag hook. The customers can use the hooks to hang shopping bags while using the trolley when purchasing more.

You can see more shopping cart parts available here.

What are The Benefits of The Asian Shopping Trolley?

A shopping trolley allows relaxing grocery or shopping sessions. A customer can put various items in the trolley and push them around till they are done.

This helps the customers to purchase more freely, eventually helping store owners to make better profits.

Various items in the trolley
Various items in the trolley

Why Choose RedSheep Asian Shopping Cart?

What are The Quality Standards of RedSheep’s Asian Shopping Carts?

RedSheep is dedicated to providing quality items to its customers. Every item manufactured here is bound to meet the quality standards to satisfy our customers.

Just so that you know…

RedSheep is ISO certified. This means every shopping cart is manufactured using the ISO 9001: 2000 quality standard and the European standard UNE EN ISO 1929 1:1998.

To guarantee that the measurements and weight of the retail shopping carts are accurate, we follow standard metric norms.

The carts must pass various tests to guarantee that they can transport a specific load and to prevent future mishaps.

RedSheep also fulfills European EN 1929 guidelines when constructing shopping trollies to ensure shoppers’ safety.

The trolley is welded through the tig welding process to provide extra cover for users.

ISO 9001:2000 quality standard asian shopping cart
ISO 9001:2000 quality standard asian shopping cart

What Types of Casters Are Available with Asian Shopping Trolleys?

Mainly there are two kinds of caster available at RedSheep.

1. Travelator Caster

These are high-quality casters that provide smooth rolling without disturbing the environment. Travelator casters are recommended for big stores with floors to create easy movement when using elevators.

Thanks to the stronghold, there’s no chance the trolley will leave its position on the elevator. These are great for uneven surfaces also.

2. Flat Caster

A flat caster is smoother and silent compared to a travelator caster. The smooth rolling allows easy push on an even surface. However, these are not recommended for elevator use.

Shopping Cart Caster Wheels
Shopping Cart Caster Wheels

Does RedSheep Offer Color Customization for An Asian Shopping Trolley?

Colors are a great way to enhance the outlook of a store. If the store environment is good, the customers are more likely to pay the next visit soon.

To provide a unified look by matching the store’s theme, we offer various colors for Asian shopping carts.

We use various techniques to achieve the desired color, including:

●Zinc Plating Plus Transparent Powder Treatment

The zinc plating technique is the most common and appreciated. It provides lasting coloring at affordable prices.

Pre-treating the trolley to create a corrosion- and rust-free paint coating is part of the procedure.

It creates a lovely surface finish that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your shop. Most of the Asian trolleys at RedSheep are colored through this technique.

●Spray Plastic

The spray plastic color treatment is the best technique to achieve white and gray tones. Unfortunately, it does not offer other colors.

Overall the technique is affordable and provides a smooth finish increasing the outlook of an Asian cart.

Because it does not protect against corrosion and rust, the spray color treatment is not as long-lasting as zinc plating.

●Chromium Plating

The method gives Asian trolleys a lovely appearance. It leaves a brilliant surface that improves your store’s visual atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the more luxurious appearance comes with a greater cost. The process is the most expensive, and it takes longer than usual to get the desired hue.

●Bright Galvanisation

The technique produces a rough-textured surface that might be unappealing at times.

The method, on the other hand, ensures long-term corrosion resistance and rust-free coating.

RAL colors and logo printing customizable
RAL colors and logo printing customizable


The shopping trolleys from RedSheep are futuristic, innovative, affordable, and safe.

Nothing can benefit your business unless you don’t ease your shopper’s shopping.

So wait no more and order a minimum of 100 sets of Asian shopping trolleys.

Happy shopping to you and your customers!

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