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Looking for a quality plastic shopping cart manufacturer to provide satisfying results? RedSheep is here to help you. Keep reading to know-how!

Who Is Cooperating With RedSheep?

Why Should You Cooperate With a Plastic Shopping Cart Manufacturer like RedSheep?

Why Use Plastic Shopping Cart?

We all know High-Density Polypropylene(HDPP) plastic is a rigid material and last longer. Hence we present you with the most versatile range of plastic shopping carts.

To give a remarkable shopping experience to your shoppers, grab the opportunity to mesmerize them through convenient shopping carts.

RedSheep has worked for 23 years to understand customer psychology deeply. Therefore we claim to provide every service required to increase your conversion rate.

Being one of the leading plastic shopping cart manufacturers in Eastern China, we know how to transform your business into a worldwide giant.

Our experience has led us to provide services that are needed to boost your sales.

People in more than 40 countries rely on our branded shopping carts when it is about conceiving the visitors to be their shoppers.

We’ve put in everything to modify plastic carts into the most attractive trolleys. These eco-friendly carts will make the most out of your valuable investment.

We use 100% recyclable HDPP plastic while avoiding toxic procedures to help you contribute to the world’s health.

100% Recyclable
100% Recyclable

Easy transportation more extended gear services and efficient damage control with better performance are what these plastic carts are capable of.

We do rigorous testing that reflects in each part of our cart through overwhelming quality to save your time and effort.

We want you to be confident when undertaking your customers to be your loyal shoppers.

Our shopping carts will work as a true friend that will increase your sales up to 30%. The 99.98% qualification rate is rare yet needed to enjoy peace of mind.

Equipped with all the necessary accessories, these carts will proactively benefit you from a high Return On Investment (ROI).

We offer thoughtful styling with rigid shopping cart manufacturing to provide the ultimate solution to all your shopping cart problems.

The freedom of customization, transparent methodology and fast delivery service are what you get at RedSheep.

Undoubtedly a good quality shopping cart can help you develop a remarkable customer chain. But have you ever wondered what qualities a good cart holds?

If not, let me take you on a journey to understand how RedSheep’s plastic carts are the best choice for your business in terms of quality.


What’s The Advantage of RedSheep Plastic Shopping Carts?

Excitement with a chunk of hesitation is a perfect blend to evaluate what’s best for your business critically.

We not only claim to be the ultimate problem solvers but feel proud to be a helping hand. Our team of experts is all set to scratch away the hesitation of investing big.

After knowing the quality of services and goods you get at RedSheep, I’m sure you’ll find it hard to resist.

So let’s begin the long list of necessary qualities we offer to make you confident over your decision.



RedSheep Plastic Shopping Cart Can Help You Boost Your Sales

We understand how doing a little extra for your shopper will create an emotional bond between you and them. It will hold them back from being your profitable customers.

We offer lightweight plastic carts to busy mommies that will make up some special space for you.

With little effort and thoughtful compilation, we plan to give a pleasant shopping experience to your shoppers.

Our shopping carts feature baby seats where parents can rest their children safely. This will prolong their shopping time, increasing your sales.

Our seats are capable of holding children weighing 18 kgs. If you wish, we can add belts to double-check the safety of your little visitors.

Be courteous towards your shoppers by customizing RedSheep’s plastic shopping carts. Give a chance to your shoppers to enjoy shopping while worrying less about their kids.

We construct these plastic carts to be safer than other materials.

Child Seat
Child Seat

High Quality And Recyclable Material

For many individuals, shopping is a hassle but not anymore. We are there to do everything to make your store a happy, comfortable place for your customers.

To help your shoppers grab the most from your store, we work to provide ease, so they stay longer. Our plastic shopping carts are easy to handle with flexible movement.

We work to eliminate the physical strength needed to move a trolly of goods for your shoppers to focus on grabbing stuff conveniently.

At RedSheep, we generally use High-Density Polypropylene Plastic (HDPP) that produces the best carts for your store.

Polypropylene Beads
Polypropylene Beads

Due to the friendly behavior of the material, it is easy to shape and style the way you want it.

The low melt viscosity and effective injection molding process make it an affordable choice with many benefits.

It metals at approximately 200 degrees Celsius to 250 degrees Celsius with a 1% shrinkage rate that makes an affordable option.

All thanks to its high flexural strength of semi-crystalline that is durable and rigid.

Due to chemical and acid resistance, it rarely encounters damage. However, if you feel the need to repair any part, don’t fret out because it’s super easy to deal with that.

Apart from other benefits, moisture resistance is the highlight of the HDPP used by RedSheep.

Allows you to add visual appeal to your store through a wide range of colors.

In this way, you can match your theme or order various hues and tones to perform more than ordinary in your batch.

If you like to have your plastic shopping carts manufactured with other materials, simply contact our team to discuss the pros and cons.

We’re here to serve you with what you desire instead of asking you to deal with our choice of material.

Customize the color to match your theme
Customize the color to match your theme

Quality Standard of RedSheep Plastic Shopping Cart Manufacturer

Being a store owner or wholesaler, we know you care for others so do we. Our priority when designing branded shopping carts for you is to provide safe products.

Our high-quality raw material is the backbone of our shopping carts. We have a dedicated team of experts to check the raw material, shopping cart manufacturing process, and finished product.

Our shopping carts are manufactured keeping in mind the European standard UNE EN ISO 1929 1:1998. We also fulfill ISO 9001: 2000 quality standards because we care about your reputation.

All the shopping carts being manufactured at RedSheep are tested for children’s seats to meet the European standard guidelines.

Once the carts are ready, they are tested to ensure the accurate capacity of weight to avoid any accidents.


Plastic Shopping Cart Manufacturing
Plastic Shopping Cart Manufacturing

How Much Weight Can RedSheep Plastic Carts Hold?

We feel it’s important to discuss the weight of a shopping cart before making the final move.

Purchasing our lightweight plastic carts does not mean you’ll have to compromise on the capacity also. Depending on the size, model, and manufacturing period, a typical shopping cart can hold up to 160 kilograms to 230 kilograms.

You can always ask us to construct bigger trollies with a better capacity if your store has space to accommodate them.


Rigid Construction For Overwhelming Experience

We construct our supermarket carts to be there for the longest period. These carts, when constructed, will offer full services with minimum pampering.

Depending on the maintenance, storage, and routine health checkups, you can enjoy the benefit of these carts for as long as 5-10 years.

If you take good care of plastic carts, you can prolong their lifespan.

Good Services from Plastic Shopping Cart Manufacturer

High-End Production In No Time

Knowing the importance of quality shopping carts for the benefit of your business, we offer fast production at RedSheep.

Thanks to our dedicated team and latest technology that we can provide innovative construction in less time.

The delivery time of our plastic shopping carts is 30 days. From design to final product we promise to deliver your order at least possible time.

For better production and delivery understanding, you can always reach out to our team.

RedSheep Big Plastic Injection Machine
RedSheep Big Plastic Injection Machine
Plastic shopping cart mass production
Plastic shopping cart mass production

Extra Plastic Shopping Cart Parts For Better Service

When we say ultimate plastic shopping cart supplier, we mean it. We not only provide the best quality plastic carts but parts to provide full services also.

These plastic shopping cart parts can help you reduce trolly theft, easy accommodation, and better movement for instance:

Casters and Wheels: RedSheep offers casters and wheels for smooth and silent operation. These are convenient to place anywhere anytime. A typical trolley uses a wheel with a diameter of 4-inches or 5-inches that are offered separately.

You can also have PVC/PU/TPR/TPE escalator wheels, wheels with or without breaks, wheels without bearing/with single bearing/with double bearing, etc.

Trolly Handle: Special trolly handles are also offered to imprint your brand’s logo, special instructions, or advertisements. In this way, you can make your customers feel that you care about them.

We advise you to add a logo to your trollies for protection against theft. Ideally, the logo printing will not cost you must. You’ll be charged for the equipment used in the process.

You can customize the color of these handles to give an attractive look to your store.

The material used in construction and coloring is antibacterial for your shopper’s safety.

Children Seat: We offer a variety of seating styles and qualities with our plastic carts. To ensure safety, you can order a premium belt, safe-doc, safe-seat Elite, and safety printed belt.

Coin Lock: We not only want your customers to have a relaxing shopping session but you also. Through our advanced mechanism, we offer coin locks to avoid theft.

Lower Tray: For easy accommodation of heavy and large-sized items, we offer a lower tray with our plastic carts.

These trays are strong enough to bear heavy weight without damaging the overall experience of the shopping cart.

Trolly Bags: Trolly bags are a good option to minimize maintenance and cleaning. We offer various styles and materials for these bags.

Types Of Plastic Grocery Cart Parts
Types Of Plastic Grocery Cart Parts

Crystal Clear Payment And Terms of Plastic Cart Manufacturer

To maintain a trustable relation with our customers, we believe in discussing terms before finalizing things.

RedSheep being one of the leading plastic shopping cart manufacturers does everything for the benefit of our purchasers.

We offer various payment methods to provide ease when you shop from us. From the telegraphic payment, Paypal, Western Union to Letter of credit payment, you can choose whatever method suits you.

If you want special payment terms, you may reach out to our team for a detailed discussion.

A rare service RedSheep offer is the allowance of credit. Shoppers purchasing more than four-time in 12 months can avail of this offer.

We don’t consider verbal orders. You can reach out to us through “contact us” to place your order of a minimum of 100 plastic shopping carts.

Shipment And Delivery From Plastic Shopping Cart Manufacturer

Our plastic shopping trolleys will be delivered FCL or LCL to your desired location in more than 40 countries.

We make sure no item gets damaged or lost during shipment through efficient packaging. However, if there’s any problem, you may report your complaint within 36 hours of receiving the delivery.

Affordability For Better Profits

RedSheep has designed each model to benefit you the most. Our construction, customization, delivery, and services are for the betterment of your business.

We don’t offer high-quality services to make profits; instead, our goal is to make you invest in the right product.

Generally, a full-of-feature cart will cost you between $60 to $90. The price mainly depends on the model, size, style, and advancement you wish to enjoy.

Typically a plastic shopping cart’s size is between 50 liters to 200 liters. Being a supermarket owner, you understand best what will suit your customer’s needs.

Hence we recommend carefully evaluate the size of your plastic shopping carts.

Better advertisement of Americana commercial shopping carts
Better advertisement of Americana commercial shopping carts

What Types of Plastic Shopping Cart do You Offer?

There are many types of plastic shopping carts for your choice.

 American market: usually use the Americana shopping carts, like

Plastic Grocery Cart With Honeycomb Holes

Plastic Supermarket Trolley With Diamond Holes

Plastic Kids Shopping Trolley

European or Gulf market: usually use the German or Spain models, like

90L 360 Degrees Hybrid Plastic Supermarket Trolley

Poly All Plastic Supermarket Trolley

Canada Market: the Canada models

Canadian Hybrid Plastic Double Basket Shopping Cart

Australia Market: the new folding personal shopping cart

New Folding Personal Shopping Cart

Warehouse Transportation

Plastic Folding Flatbed Trolley

Plastic Transport Trolley

Or, you can choose more at our plastic shopping cart product page 

Final Verdict

With an experienced plastic shopping cart manufacturer like RedSheep, you can focus on increasing your sales.

Our rigid construction will do everything to provide ease to your shoppers.

I hope I’ve cleared all the confusion you had regarding plastic shopping carts.

If you have any suggestions or query feel free to comment down.

Finally, contact our team to enjoy high-quality Americana shopping carts constructed by RedSheep!

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