Display Rack for Supermarket - Jumbo NL Case Study(Since 2016)

How display rack for supermarket and other shop fittings be layout? This Jumbo supermarket case study will show you.

Jumbo is the second-largest supermarket chain owned and operated by Van Eerd Group in the Netherlands and Belgium. The supermarket chain initially belonged to Jan and Anita Meurs. The venture dates back to October 1979 as a competition to a then-popular store Torro which belonged to Van Eerd.

In 1983, Van Eerd brought the superstore from the Meurs family, which became a turning point in the popularity and performance of the store. According to the plan, Van Eerd expanded the store first in the southern provinces, eventually covering the whole country.

Veghel is home to the company’s headquarters. Jumbo has three regional distribution centers in Beilen, Drachten, and Den Bosch.

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Supermarkets in the Netherlands

Challenges in Jumbo Case

  1. There are two small lips on thedisplay rack bracket because the lap edge is less than the thickness of the workpiece. According to the traditional mold production solution, the tooling will be broken after hundreds of punching times. We found the precision mold manufacturer increased the tooling investment so that the strength of the mold is greatly enhanced, and the mold has not been damaged since it has been used from 2016 till now.
  2. Customers require high precisiondimensions for the display rack, but according to the requirements of the industrial standard ISO-2768, the shelf parts tolerance is within 1mm, and the accuracy of non-standard custom shelves is more challenging to control, but customer requirement is within 0.5mm. Finally, under the work of our engineers, not only meet the customer’s precision requirements, some parts size is even the same as on the drawing so that customers are satisfied with the thumbs up.
  3. In the customer’s order list, there’s a bright yellow big gondola end. The old supplier failed to do the work because different materials and thickness materials weld the parts; when powder coatingtogether, there will be color differences between different materials. Under the research of our powder coating workshop, we can overcome the problem of color difference and better strengthen customers’ brand image.
  4. The old supplier of the customer used the steel pallet method in the packagingfor the display shelving, which increases the cost and causes damage during the transportation. After studying, our packaging team gives a reasonable and economical solution for carton packaging and container loading. The shelving are still in the best condition when they are finally delivered to the customer.
  5. The customer’s Round Wire Dump Bin is also very difficult to develop. Making the wire dump bin a perfect circle and maintaining no deformation after spot welding is the key to the process. Through dozens of attempts by the technical department, we have finally mastered the relevant technical parameters and developed a perfect product.

The entire Jumbo project continues from 2016 to now. We have exported dozens of containers of display rack for supermarkets, customers have been delighted with our quality, and as a result, added a lot of new products, new parts, and new colors such as galvanized parts.

Two Small Lips on The Bracket
Two Small Lips on The Bracket

Production And Packing Pictures of Display Rack for Supermarket

Color Sample Match
Color Sample Match
Display Rack Upright And Baseleg
Display Rack Upright And Baseleg
Display Rack Bottom Drop Tray
Display Rack Bottom Drop Tray
Dimension Inspection for FQA
Dimension Inspection for FQA
Display Rack Ready to Deliver in Warehouse
Display Rack Ready to Deliver in Warehouse

Store Layout Pictures And Display Rack for Supermarket in Jumbo

Jumbo display shelving
Jumbo shelving

For the Jumbo display rack, we have signed a NDA, so it’s not convenient to introduce the shelving system any further. Let’s see what other shop fittings are used in the Jumbo supermarket.

Jumbo display rack for supermarket

Wire Dump Bins in The Picture

2 Tier Round Wire Dump Bin

Manufactured with high-end steel, the bin includes two levels. The design is carefully welded to offer durable performance. It creates easy storage while occupying the minimum place hence an ideal option for stores with less storage capacity. The bin can be used independently or kept with a shelving system to maximize its benefits. The colors of the round wire bin are customizable.

3 Tier Round Wire Dump Bin With AD Panel

This wire dump bin includes three bins for maximum storage. It helps keep your goods sorted and easy to locate. The bin includes a customizable AD panel. It can be used for both product information and marketing purposes. The panels are given on both sides of the bin so you can display the information better.

Jumbo hand basket and table top sign holder

Hand Shopping Basket And Table Top Sign Holder in The Picture

Jumbo hand shopping basket

Handle baskets are a great way to improve your customer’s shopping experience. It helps you increase your sales by benefiting customers who don’t have the nerve to jump around with a big trolley to grab a few lights to medium-weight products. Jumbo handle baskets do not only benefit you and your business but take care of the environment also. These baskets are constructed from recyclable plastic. The basket includes a logo panel to market your products better.

Clip Free Standing Table Top Sign Holder

Sign holders are a must when it comes to attracting your customers to your store. By displaying the product information, brand benefits or discount offers better; you can perform better. Thanks to the design, these sign holders are a one-time investment. You can update the information anytime you want by replacing the paper inside the sign frame.

Jumbo rolling shopping baskets

Rolling Shopping Basket in The Picture

Jumbo rolling shopping basket

Manufactured from HDPP recyclable plastic, the jumbo rolling basket is a compact and easy-to-carry version of a standard trolley. The design includes two handle and two wheels on the surface of the basket. It gives your customers the freedom to drag the trolley on wheels or grab it in their hands for a quick shopping session. 


This brings us to the case study of the application of display racks, wire dump bins, shopping baskets and sign holders in Jumbo supermarket. Hope this will give you a better idea when you are making the final decision of purchasing from RedSheep.

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