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RedSheep is a leading shop wall shelving manufacturer that has been in the industry for over two decades, providing the best shelving solutions. Our shop wall shelving products have transformed many supermarkets worldwide and made them make proper use of their limited space. Contact our team to find the ideal wall shelving for your store!


Shop Wall Shelving Customized

RedSheep is a brand that specialises in customising your shop wall shelving to meet your design, capacity, and colour needs. We have been producing wall shelving for over a decade and continue to innovate over the years.

One thing you can count on is our value-adding, high-quality store wall shelving that lasts long. We are committed to making it effortless for your to:

  • Place your desired order of 100pcs or more
  • Choose your favourite colour and design
  • Have your logo and brand name added to your retail wall shelving

Redsheep Shop Wall Shelving

The first thought that comes to people’s minds when they hear retail merchandising is goods displayed on end caps, isles, stands, tables, and other fixtures on the floor. However, this display goes beyond these areas as it includes shop wall shelving for standing on the floor.

More business owners realise that they overlook a prime space by failing to install wall shelving to display their products. The retail wall racks are transforming small, odd-shaped sections of an outlet into a profitable display area.

They ensure that every inch in a supermarket is pragmatically and tastefully utilised and makes it possible to display many items. Besides, these modes are quite effective at attracting customers.

There is a lot about shop wall shelving, as you can find from this piece by RedSheep shelving experts.

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Top Rated RedSheep Shop Wall Shelving Reviews

Shop wall shelving displays help group your merchandise according to colour, style, size, and other variables. Some of the top units you can find from our store include:

Tegometall Shop Wall Shelving

Tegometall Shop Wall Shelving is the ideal solution for the supermarket. It is mainly used in retail shops and supermarkets to provide space for displaying different products. The model lets you use your space to the fullest and is made of heavy-duty material to carry more load. This shelving is easy to assemble, and you only need a rubber hammer and spirit level to have it ready. It offers you the chance to adjust the height to meet your goods’ dimensions and the available space. You can use the system with a wide range of accessories like magazine racks.

Tegometall Pegboard Shop Wall Shelving

Tegometall Pegboard Shop Wall Shelving is a system made of heavy-duty perforated back panels and a base shelf. It was made to provide you with the versatility you desire to display all your items in your premises. That means adding all kinds of accessories like hooks and shelves to the pegboard. You also get an easy time when installing the model as you do not require professional help. The model combines with other display options in your store to give you the ideal display platform. That because of the ability to hang packed products using hooks and other accessories.

Tegometall Slatwall Shop Wall Shelving

Tegometall Slatwall Shop Wall Shelving makes effective use of your store space and combines with hooks and other accessories to give a display area. It is a system you can install and update without requiring any tool or professional help. The system is used around the world for various reasons, with one being its durability. It is made of heavy-duty material that can withstand years of use and carry a lot of weight. You also get the opportunity to customise your platform to meet your needs or even match the LED lighting system. Besides, it is a user-friendly model that enables shoppers to access the merchandise with ease.

Tegometall Shop Wall Magazine Shelving

Tegometall Shop Wall Magazine Shelving is another system that makes effective use of the store’s space. It is uniquely designed to allow easy display of magazines to enable the buyers to spot their favourite titles with ease. The unit has a modern, streamlined design that makes a store more attractive to shoppers. Another thing to note is you get a 1-step, 2-step, or 3-step choice to meet your need. It is the perfect model for supermarkets, stores, and even book shops. You can use it to display newspapers, periodicals, magazines, and any other reading material.

Tegometall Style Vegetable Shelving With Top Glass Panel

Tegometall Style Vegetable Shelving  is the right solution for displaying fruits and vegetables to the customers. It is uniquely designed to allow the water to drop smoothly and quickly to the ground and leave your groceries dry.  The model offers a suitable load-bearing ability to enable all types of vegs and fruits on the shelves. You can bet on the safety of the products you place on the shelves as it is made of human-safe material. It is easy to customise the colour and design to meet your store’s needs and theme. Another notable thing is the ease of cleaning without causing damage to the shelves.

Tegometall Shop Wall shelving Accessories

Tegometall Shop Wall Shelving Accessories come in handy when expanding your shelving. RedSheep carries all the best accessories to suit every Tegometall Retail Wall Shelving, no matter the design or size. Some notable units you can find include rear support bar, wire shelf panel, price strips, hooks, and dividers for making your wall systems more effective. They are all made of quality material to ensure that they last for years. Additionally, RedSheep offers many parts for repairing the malfunctioning shelving.  These include base legs, back panels, shelf panels, retail shelf risers and others. You can also find a wire basket, magazine shelves, and cross bar. We have many accessories to meet all your needs which you cannot find from the rivals.

50P Retail Wall Shelving

50P Retail Wall Shelving is a system made through the CO2 TIG welding technology to ensure that it holds heavier loads. It is shelving for all stores that provide a variable number of shelves to suit every user’s needs. One great thing about the model is that it does not have weak points due to the welding technology. That translates to having a stable wall shelving with 50mm pitching holes. It also guarantees you a smooth finish and is attractive to the different shoppers who visit the store. You can quickly assemble and disassemble the unit without seeking help.

50P Pegboard Retail Wall Shelving

50P Pegboard Retail Wall Shelving is made of quality material and comes with a 24-month warranty. It is welded using the CO2 TIG technology to provide smooth and robust joints. The unit was developed to provide you with value for money as it enables effective use of the space. You also get to enjoy the 50mm pitching solution and enjoy suitable shelving for your store. It is possible to customise the model to meet your needs and have your logo added. You also get to a durable system that you can use for years without needing to replace it.

50P Gondola Shelving Accessories

50P Retail Wall Shelving Parts

50P Retail Wall Shelving Parts include plinth, upright, price tag, shelf panel, back panel, top cover, bracket, retail shelf risers and others. RedSheep provides all these parts to enable you to stock them and have an easy time repairing your systems. You can find 50mm pitch systems to suit all your 50P models, and they come with variable thickness like 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm. Moreover, the parts come in all manner of design and measurements to meet all your needs. We provide every model you want for your store, something you cannot find from other manufacturers.

Shop Wall Shelving: The Complete FAQ Guide

At RedSheep, we provide a wide range of high-quality retail display shelves, accessories, and parts. We give you a fully versatile shelving solution for displaying all your merchandise.

But what is shop wall shelving, which are its dimensions, which brand manufacture’s them, and how are they used. We have covered these and more questions in this section.

What’s Shop Wall Shelving?

Shop wall shelving is a free-standing single-sided system with shelves on one side. It is mainly ideal for placing against the wall of a supermarket, although you can place it at the middle or places with other barriers.

The shelving is made to make use of the limited outlet’s space and make it possible to spot the product effectively. It is uniquely designed to enable simple spotting of goods by customers.

The models also come in a wide range of upper shelves, conventional base shelf, fruit and veg, magazine, pegboard, and Slatwall units.   

Each of these units comes as freestanding shelving and has a base shelf for placing the heavy products. They play a vital part in guaranteeing the effectiveness and success of any store’s floor plan.

These shelves are often the first thing the shoppers see when they enter the store. That means they can make your store more attractive if made of the right design and material.

They make it simple for shoppers to browse items, which is not the case with products on the tables or other stands.

Retail Store Wall Shelving Dimensions

Purchasing new retail fixtures wall shelving for your store means that you can customise your units to meet your needs, including size, style, and design. We recommend you take advantage of our customisation services and get retail systems that fit your store.

With that said, these shelving models have varying measurements as follows:

  • Depth and Width Measurements

The units come with depths and widths of 200mm, 300mm, 370mm, 470mm, 570mm, 670mm, and 770mm. You can choose these dimensions for Tegometall shop wall shelving.

There is also the option of picking the 50P systems of 200mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 550mm, and 600mm.

  • Length Measurement

You also find the Tegometall models in several sizes like 665mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1250mm, and 1333mm.

The 50P models offer length of 600mm, 900mm, 1000mm, and 1200mm.

  • Height Measurement

The last critical dimension is the height, and both the 50P and Tegometall shelves come from under 1000mm to around 3000mm.

One thing, you can easily customise or cut these dimensions to meet your needs.

We also let you choose from a wide linear to enable you to have an easy time getting the one that can work for your store.

Retail Wall Shelving And Gondola Shelving Dimensions

What Are the Shop Wall Shelving Manufacturers?

Retail shelving aims to maximise the storage space and present the merchandise in a presentable way to attract customers. That can lead to increase sales and profit for the supermarket or store.

But you should not buy and install every shelving you come across. You need to get these systems from the best manufacturers in the industry today.

One such company is RedSheep, a leading shop wall shelving fixtures manufacturer with over 20 years of experience providing shelving solutions and ten years of specialising in wall systems.

We provide you with quality wall shelving for retail stores to meet all your store’s needs, and they meet all the TUV regulations. Besides, we let you customise your models to guarantee you the ideal size, colour, measurements, and more.

All our shelving come with a 2-year warranty to give you peace of mind when placing your stock on the shelves. We are an honest and innovative brand that you can reach 24/7, and we aim to provide efficient production by offing a minimum order level of 50pcs.

What Are the Uses of Shop Wall Shelving Systems?

What are the uses of shop wall shelving system? What are the benefits of shop wall shelving? Why should you install shop wall shelving in your store?

Here are the uses and benefits of display racks for a retail store on your premises.

  • Help in Store’s Perimeter Utilisation

The number one mistake retailers make is failing to utilise their supermarket’s perimeter effectively. You need to use every space in the store, including the walls.

No space around the wall goes to waste when you install the retail wall display shelving. And that makes your outlet have an efficient and visually compelling appeal to customers.

You also get to stock and sell more merchandise because of maximising the available space. The units enable you to display even the light products like store gift cards, magazines, and snacks on the wall.

  • Encourage Impulse Buying

All store owners want to see spontaneous shoppers coming through their entries. Stands, tables, and other display platforms in a store can be messy and discourage buyers.

Impulse buyers might not spot products on such displays, and that is when the wall shelving comes to the rescue. The wall models near the cashier called Impulse Racks can play an enticing critical role when the buyers wait in line.

These units are beneficial if you want your visitors to purchase small items like lip balm, candy, batteries, and gum.

  • Improve New Product Visibility

Every store stocks new merchandise regularly to keep up with the competitors and market trends. The best way to display these products to the buyers is to place them on wall shelving, which is often better organised.

These units are eye-catching and enable you to display your latest products to buyers without overwhelming them. Shop wall shelving is especially effective at displaying seasonal goods like greeting cards.

  • Improve the Store Appearance

Your entire storage space is more organised when you install the best wall shelving. They provide a high-end and elegant appearance that is not possible from the table and other stands.

The best thing, you get to choose models of varying shapes, sizes, and colours to meet your need and get that clean look. You can customise the units to have a more appealing store for all your shoppers and visitors.

  • Free Up Space

Another great use of wall shelve is freeing up your floor space, especially if your premises are small. Most store owners want their shop to have enough space for customers to move freely.

The wall systems can make your store look organised by removing the items you would display on the floor.

See how to use shop wall shelving

How Many Materials Are Available for My Shop Wall Bays?

Wall bays are made of different materials such as Q195 steel, Q235 steel, and Q235 SPCC steel. We use the Q235 SPCC to create your bays because of various reasons:

The material contains low carbon, and that allows for effective weldability.

SPCC means the material is cold-rolled, leading to a beautiful and smooth surface compared to Q235 hot-rolling, resulting in a rough finish.

It is more cost-effective to use the SPCC material, and that means a more affordable wall bay.

The material enables the effective CO2 TIG welding technology.

You can also count on getting long-lasting shelving that provides value for money for decades.

These wall bays can also hold a lot of weight since the material provides better all-round performance.

What’s the Difference Between Shop Wall Retail Shelving and Gondola End Shelving?

People often get confused when ordering wall shelving or end shelving, thinking that it is the same product with different names.

These models come as single-sided shelving for displaying merchandise and are effective when used as marketing tools. They are also made of quality steel material that make them last for decades.

With that noted, they are quite different in the following ways:

  • Shop wall shelving units are the single-sided systems placed against the wall or column.
  • Gondola end shelving units are the single-sided systems with double-sided back panel installed at the end of a shelving run, including the wall shelving, so someone call it retail store wall shelving end cap.

You find the gondola end shelving placed at the end of double-sided or island shelving.

What Parts and Accessories Are Available?

There is no better store to buy your shop wall shelving parts and accessories than the RedSheep. We understand it is vital to have durable shelving solutions and the necessary accessories.

We provide you with the exact part or accessory you need to improve your wall display and boost your sales. That makes us stand out from our rivals who provide only a limited collection.

We even allow you to customise your accessory or part. Some of these parts include back panels, plinth, shelf panels, base legs, uprights, top covers, brackets, and so on.

Our accessories collection includes price tags, hooks, front riser, beam, hanging baskets, and others.

How to Paint Shop Display Wall Shelving?

The best way to make your retail store stand out is to add colour to the shelving. We paint your wall systems in a wide range of colours to meet your brand and theme.

There are many steps involved when painting these units, which we have listed below:

  • We begin by removing the surface artifact to smoothen the shelving
  • The second step is to get rid of the rust that might have started to attach to the surface
  • Now the model undergoes degreasing to remove any oil
  • It is then washed to remove dirt and other contaminants
  • The product undergoes tuning
  • It is cleaned for the second time
  • The next thing is to silane or phosphate clean the wall shelving
  • Now it is ready for a hight pressure water rinse
  • We let it dry for a while
  • It now undergoes the painting process using your chosen colour
  • The last step is the high-temperature curing

We can use auto or manual gun when painting your shelves.

Surface Treatment Process

How Can I Be Sure that Shop Wall Display Shelves Are Safe?

What is the primary safety hazard in a retail store? The same hazard arises just about for every public building, restaurant, and warehouse – falls.  

You might get sued if these shelves happen to fall on your customers and other visitors. Therefore, you should follow the installation processes to the letter and other does and don’t of wall shelving.

They include:

  • Ensure that the shelves are used in the recommended range
  • Make sure that the weight is evenly distributed on the shelves to avoid collapsing
  • Always put the heavy products at the bottom of the shelving
  • Keep the shelves straight when installing
  • Prevent children from playing around or climbing these systems
  • Remove all the merchandise before you move your units
  • Install the units away from direct sunlight

You can also have confidence in our products because:

  • We follow every TUV regulation during the manufacturing processing
  • We have ISO certification for all our shelves
  • We have a quality control team and system for testing the units
  • We only use human-safe material when manufacturing the shop wall shelving

How to Assemble Shop Display Wall Shelving System?

You can assemble your shop wall shelving by following the installation instructions that come inside the package. This often include following the steps below:

  • Check the Parts

Check the packaging to ensure that you have every part you need to install the wall shelving. These can include posts, legs, panels, shelves, brackets, and other attachments.

  • Prepare the Post

Use a mallet to wound in the feet on the posts.

  • Run the Shelving

The step involves attaching two posts with a packed panel

  • Install Kick Plate

The next thing is to insert the plinth on the position to give your structure stability.

  • Add Back Panels

Begin from the top toward the base.

  • Brackets and Shelves

First, place the brackets in the right holes and then add the shelves.

What Is Load Bearing Testing For Shop Wall Shelves For Retail Stores?

Load bearing is the maximum weight that a shop wall shelving can hold when placed on the shelves. These models can easily handle between 50-300kg, depending on the thickness of the steel, style, size, and shelving structure.

The quality control team tests for load-bearing ability by placing an even load on the shelf layers until they collapse. That way, we can guarantee that the wall shelving you buy from our store is quality and safe.

The load-bearing test is done at several points such as safety, destructive, and deform load. That is to say that we record data on the load that is safe to place on the shelves, the one that can deform the shelves, and the one that can damage them.

Shelf Panel Under Load Bearing Test

How Long Can the Shop Wall Shelving Last?

Our wall shelving for retail stores and supermarkets is made of quality steel material that provides durability. You can expect them to last for over a decade when used the right way and maintained regularly.

We give you a 2-year warranty for the manufacturing process.

How Can I Customise My Modern Shop Wall Shelving Colour?

RedSheep is among the few wall shelving and Slatwall shelves manufacturer that allows you to customise the size, style, colour, design, and more. We provide OEM service to all our customers with CAD and PDF drawings.

Our production plant has the latest production systems and technology to enable easy customisation. That means we let you choose from hundreds of colours, not just the prominent White, Black, and Euro Silver.

We achieve that through the plastic powder electrolysis and painting of the shelves.

What’s the Difference Between Gondola Shelving and Wall Shelving?

Gondola Shelving and Wall Shelving are made of the same quality steel material that gives them durability. They both allow you for customisation to suit your needs and taste.

However, they differ in these ways:

  • Wall shelving comes as a single-sided model, while the gondola models can come as double-sided shelving.
  • Wall shelving can be installed against the wall while the gondola systems can only be placed at places with no barrier.
  • Single-sided shelving which has been used as an End Bay is often recommended for displaying new products that need marketing or promotion.
  • Gondola shelving is used to display all kinds of items due to its location, not ideal for marketing.
Difference Between Wall Shelving And Gondola Shelving

What’s the Difference Between Main Shelving and Add-on Shelving?

Most retail outlets require both the main or starter shelving and add-on shelving to complete the shelves. They are two systems with brackets, uprights, base legs, shelf panels, and other parts.

Their differences include the following:

The starter shelving requires more posts or legs than the add-on model

The main shelving is a stand-alone fixture while the add-one get support from another shelving, such as the starter

The add-on model can always save you money as it requires fewer posts

Can I Customise the Size of the Commercial Shop Wall Shelving?

Customised or personalised shop wall shelving enables you to create a visually appealing store for your shoppers. It can also help save space, meet legal requirements, encourage purchase, and minimise production costs.

We allow you to customise your shop wall shelving when it comes to colour, design, dimension, adding a logo, adding phrases, and so on. You can even provide us with your PDF drawing, and we will give you a system that meets your needs.

How Many Shop Wall Shelving Units Can You Fit into a Container?

We provide different packaging solutions, including carton boxes, wooden pallets, wooden crates, and steel pipe frame. The standard pallet measures 1000mm x 1000mm and is fitted in 20ft or 40ft containers.

The 20ft contain often hold about 10 pallets, which is about 250pcs single-sided shelving or 120pcs double-sided shelving.

The 40ft one holds 20-22 pallets, which is about 500pcs of single-sided shelving or 250pcs double-sided shelving.

With that said, we always use the loading solution calculation to figure out the number of boxes to place in the container. It includes making the container and box’s width into a 3D model after packaging to determine the ideal number.

We do that to help reduce the cost of shipping the wall shelves to your destination.

What Will Be the Lowest Cost for Adding My Logos?

We recommend you add logos to your wall shelving to make them stand out and differentiate them from the original designs.

Our team uses the pressing tool technology to add the logos, and we let you choose the ideal place for placing them.

You only pay for the tooling cost, which is a low cost compared to using other techniques.

Baseleg With Logos Added

What’s Your MOQ for Shop Wall Shelving?

We have a minimum order quantity of 50pcs that you can place on our website. We aim to provide efficient production to reduce the cost and offer affordable wall shelving solutions.

In Conclusion

Our shop wall shelving models are made to provide retail owners with flexibility and enable them to utilise every part of their premises. They guarantee you value for money and make your store more attractive to shoppers.

We encourage you to customise your models to meet all your needs and brand colour.

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