How to Import 50 Shopping Cart Locks

This article will show you how the customer import small quantity goods from China factory in 15 days step by step

These days’ people getting inclined towards importing goods from factories based in China for their existing and new business. It is because most factories in China offer high customization with good quality products that are budget friendly. In general China has the best supply chains of all industries around the world.

What Products To Import From China To Make Good Money?

1. Trending products.

2. Low-Value but in large demand products

3. Ordinary daily-use consumer products

4. Products in small demand & small niche

5. Brand product

Dedicate to A specific product category

China Goods Clusters
China Goods Clusters

How Can A Start-Up Import Limited Quantity From China?

Western Union and Express can be the best ways to import small quantities from China for a start-up. This way you can try the quality of the factory you’re working with. However, this is not a universal method that can be applied to every delivery.

It’s ok if you don’t know the method don’t fret out. Keep reading to learn the best way to import from China.

Here’s a case study of importing 50 shopping cart locks from RedSheep in 15 days. It includes 2 days money transfer, 5 days production, and 9 days transportation (a little long, in order to save the cost for the customer)

Here’s how the customer took advantage of it.


Step 1: Send Inquiry

1. Browse on RedSheep Website and choose a product.

2. Send an inquiry by clicking “Send Inquiry” below every product. You may also send us an email to ask for a quote.

3. Now guide our experts about your needs, requirements, and expectations.

The sales team from RedSheep will give you feedback within 12 hours.

Ask for a Quote
Ask for a Quote

This Malaysian customer asked for double coin shopping cart lock, which is hard to find in the market. However, RedSheep got various models of shopfittings that we showed the customer through pictures. (It’s important to let our sales team know your requirement, so we can help you find the best solution):

Double Coins Lock For Malaysia Market
Double Coins Lock For Malaysia Market

There are three ways to transport these shopping trolley locks from China to Malaysia

1. Delivery by Express: Express means DHL, Fedex, UPS, and TNT. The Unit price for Express is expensive, but you don’t have to clear custom duty if the value is below 5000RMB or the weight is below 100KG. Hence will be more convenient and cost-effective. The goods will be delivered to your doorsteps in 3-9 days.

2. Deliver by air: It takes extra five days and the process is slower than express. The cost of by-air delivery is 30% cheaper than express but requires custom clearance. This means you need to pay extra for the customs clearance in China and then pay extra free and custom clearance in the country where our products will be delivered. So the overall cost gets higher than the express.

3. Deliver by LCL(Less than Container Loading) shipping: It usually takes 20-45 days to deliver. The cost is about half of the express but requires custom clearance. This adds in the extra cost at both ends. Hence the overall cost is approximately the cost of the express.

According to the above information, RedSheep suggests the customer deliver by Express because it’s both faster and cost-effective.  


Step 2: Confirm The Order

You can confirm your order by asking for an official preform invoice from RedSheep. Our sales team will send you that for your money transfer. If you decide to deliver the goods by Express on the first step, we suggest transfer via Western Union,  which cost less and transfer very fast.

Ask For a Proforma Invoice

Step 3: Money Transfer

After receiving the PI, you can go to the bank and make a money transfer via Western Union, get the bank slip and send it back to RedSheep.

Send Bank Slip After WU Transfer
Send Bank Slip After WU Transfer

After receiving the money our sales team will arrange the production and inform you about the delivery from our end.

2 Boxes of Metal Coin Locks
2 Boxes of Metal Coin Locks
UPS Tracking Info
UPS Tracking Info
Inform The Cutomer About The Delivery
Inform The Cutomer About The Delivery

Afterward there’s nothing left for you to do. You just need to sit back, relax and wait for a call from express.

In this case, the customer waited for 9 days and received the goods in good condition.

The whole process from the money transfer (29th Nov.) to receiving the goods at the doorstep (6th Dec) it took15 days while costing 769.45USD,

Well done!



Canadian Customer Plastic Coin Lock Case Stuey

Here’s another example of our Canadian customer. He also received his 216pcs plastic coin locks imported from China in 15 days.

Note: The plastic model is even better for Express due to the lightweight, which means less cost on the Express freight:

RedSheep Shopping Cart Coin Lock Packaging
RedSheep Shopping Cart Coin Lock Packaging
Coin Lock to Toronto via Express
Coin Lock to Toronto via Express

Now he is our regular shopper and import hundreds of coin locks and shopping cart wheels from RedSheep every year.


Other Redsheep Products Good To Import From China By Express

You can also order at RedSheep by following the same steps. Below are some other RedSheep products good to deliver by Express:

Table Top L Style Staples Arcylic Sign Holder

Acrylic sign holder is a unique way to attract customers to your business, services or products. There are various sizes, shapes and designs available in acrylic sign holders for you to choose from. These holders are ideal for restaurants, offices, hotels. Retails stores and salons who want to promote their business.

Shopping Cart Caster Wheels

Shopping Cart Caster wheels have a duty to carry the structure smoothly. We make sure only high quality raw material is used in the construction of caster wheels so they last for the longest. We got various sizes, shapes and material in caster wheels to serve difference purposes.

Tegometall Gondola Shelf Plastic Toothed Risers And Dividers

Small and delicate products are usually hard to handle. We’ve come up with these highly efficient Tegometall toothed risers to help retailers organize their goods better. They are constructed from high quality plastic to last for the longest while being budget friendly. These risers can be integrated into any shelving system to create small compartments for a sorted display.

Clip Free Standing Table Top Sign Holder

Free standing sign holders are ideal to display product information, navigate customers, introduce a brand or showcase latest deals at your stores. They include stainless steel at the bottom therefore they are corrosion and rust resistant. The frame of the sign holder is manufactured using plastic. The stand comes with an adjustable clip to offer versatility.

A6 A7 A8 Table Top Ticket Sign Mini Frame Holder

There are various ticket sign mini frame holders available at RedSheep. These are idea to display product information, price or special discount offer alongside a product or shelving system. The frame of the sign is manufactured from recyclable plastic to benefit you, your business and the environment. You can change the information whenever you want by inserting a self-designed paper.

Flat Acrylic Riser for Shop Shelving

Now you can divide a huge shelves into small compartments by using flat acrylic riders. They help create division in a shelving system to store small or delicate products. The risers are rigorously tested at various stages to ensure the best quality. These risers can be customized according to your needs.

Pegboard Single Prone Display Hooks

Hooks are the best way to increase display space while being in budget. These hooks are specially designed for pegboard shelving systems to increase the storage area so you can display more products. They are constructed from high quality material hence have the ability to resist corrosion and rust. These hooks can be installed without professional tools or extra labor that helps you save labor cost.

Shelf Pushers And Dividers

These unique special pushers and dividers are ideal for busy stores. They are designed to maintain the flow of products so the customers can never miss out a purchase. They include spring that pushes the product forward whenever a product is removes. They are ideal for cigerrates, packaged chewing gums or small perfumes.

Breakable Acrylic Shelf Dividers

These are specially designed to give the freedom to a store owner to use them according to their needs. They are constructed from high quality acrylic that can last for the longest. These dividers are efficient enough to adapt and work according to a store’s requirements. These dividers help store owners utilize their shelving system in a better and more organized manner.

However, if your goods in small quantities are not suitable for express transportation, for example,  some low-value or big size products here’s our article “How to Import Small Quantities From China” to guide you step by step.



Chinese factories are advancing in their technology, quality, and production process while offering reasonable prices. There’s no way you can get these services at better rates elsewhere.

We hope you’ve understood the process of ordering supermarket cart chain locks from China. If you still got any query do contact us through our website.

Last but not least, to place your order click in “Request a quote”. RedSheep sales team will contact you and help you through the whole process. 

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